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  1. finney

    Maverick redichek ET-732

    Congratulations Tanya!  I saw you won!
  2. finney

    Maverick redichek ET-732

    As "Mr Reverse Sear", I'd love to do that... (heading to Facebook)  
  3. finney

    Maverick redichek ET-732

    I'll have 24 more Tuesday (Jan 11) if anyone wants one.  $60 includes Priority shipping.
  4. finney

    best beer for BBQ

    I'm with Fester!  
  5. finney

    Drybag Steak Contest - 5 Drybag Steak Starter Kits to be Given Away!

    Seasoning is simply salt, fresh ground pepper, garlic powder (maybe a little Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning) "REVERSE SEAR" (the FINNEY Method) 1. Thaw meat (if frozen). If meat is refrigerated, remove from fridge when you go out to light grill...