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  1. mtodriscoll

    MES40 PID wiring questions

    I used a multimeter and figured it out. Had to pop the covers off the limit switch and the heating element compartments on the back, and then check continuity to figure out which braided red wire was limit switch/element hot and which was element neutral. Once I figured that out, I followed the...
  2. mtodriscoll

    MES40 PID wiring questions

    I was able to get the box’s lid off which exposed the controller board. Pulled that out and now it’s looking a little closer to the pictures in the tutorial… a little.
  3. mtodriscoll

    MES40 PID wiring questions

    I read through this post on how to Rewire and MES for the Auber PID controller: But it’s pictures do not match what I am finding with me MES… see attached images of what I’ve found. The one with the black post is the power cable...
  4. mtodriscoll

    Masterbuilt 40 Electric Smoker won't turn on

    On my unit, the wires were not burnt at all, but it had to have been shorting out somewhere. Replacing the heating element fixed the problem. I suspect the problem was where the post connected the element, rather than where the wires connected the post.
  5. mtodriscoll

    Masterbuilt 40 Electric Smoker won't turn on

    Here you go: - When you search, take of the leading MB and just search on 20075615. The Element Kit ($14.99) is the first part in the list (P/N 9907120027), 1200 watt burner. My unit is about the same age and...
  6. mtodriscoll

    Andouille it is

    Big-Guy, I'm making your sausage today and noticed the "4 Tablespoons" of salt. Is that correct? The original post was using 5 teaspoons of salt. The Rytek Kutas recipe uses 1 Tablespoon of salt. 4x the salt just seems like a lot... Wanted to make sure before I commit to your recipe. Thanks - Matt
  7. mtodriscoll

    Meatloaf - Nailed it

    Can you share your recipe?
  8. mtodriscoll

    Smoking Costco seasoned Pork Ribs

    Welcome! I love this forum! There are a ton of recipes/tips on the forum here for ribs, but for someone just starting out, I highly recommend the 3-2-1 method. In summary, this is: Place your dry-rubbed ribs in the smoker at 250-275 for 3 hours. Wrap ribs in foil with a little apple juice...
  9. mtodriscoll

    New here from CT

    Welcome! This is my favorite forum for all things 'smoked' and I refer it to my friends and family often. A lot of good recipes, ideas and help on this forum with a strong base of followers.
  10. mtodriscoll

    Gel firestarter.

    I just use a small camping-sized propane bottle with a plumbing torch head to light the pellets for my Amazen tube and maze. No gel or liquid needed... The torch head is about $10 and lasts years (I've had mine 22 years and it's still going). The little propane bottles are about $3 and last me...
  11. mtodriscoll

    1st Cheese Attempt

    I've also had my pellets re-ignite before... The combination of the lower humidity this time of year, the wind, open vent and open chip drawer probably equated to more oxygen than usual and the pellets restarted. (IMO)
  12. mtodriscoll

    Welcome to the New SMF!

    Search engine seems to be broken. None of these search terms get a hit: "pop's brine", "bacon on a stick", "brine". Seriously - not one hit for the word "brine". I was able to find Pop's member page, but it says he's never made a post. LOL. I'm sure the kinks will be worked out, but just wanted...
  13. mtodriscoll

    Beef Bacon!

    Outstanding! I received a beef plate from a local farmer who asked me to make beef bacon for him. He said I could keep half for my trouble as 'payment' - a great deal! I've used your brine many times for pork bacon and was curious if it would work for beef as well. Will be giving this a try...
  14. mtodriscoll

    Lesson learned with AMZNPS...

    Learned a new lesson with my AMZNPS last night that I thought I'd pass on to those here... Last night I was on Day 3 of a 3-day cold smoke for TN Smoked Country Sausage (recipe here: in my...
  15. mtodriscoll

    A-MAZE-N Products Thanksgiving Giveaway

    I am thankful to live in these great United States of America! ...I'm also thankful for TBS and it's effect on meat! :) - Matt
  16. First attempt at BBB complete

    First attempt at BBB complete

  17. mtodriscoll

    First attempt at BBB complete

    BBB with High Mtn Cure and brown sugar. Cured 10 days, patted dry, coated with CBP and refrigerated over night to form pellicle. Smoked on Saturday for 10 hours. Tried some and it was good, but the center slices weren't that smoky. Rested in Fridge on Sunday. Smoked again on Monday for more...
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