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  1. callahan4life

    2014 North Florida Gathering April 4,5,6

    Well folks, a good friend of mine succumbed to his long fought battle with cancer and his funeral arrangements will prevent Linda & I from attending this year gathering. I'll miss seeing you guys and gals, but I'll start my countdown for next year's event.
  2. callahan4life

    2014 North Florida Gathering April 4,5,6

    Do you need us to send you some money to help pay for the mudbugs? I will gladly help.
  3. callahan4life

    2014 North Florida Gathering April 4,5,6

    Counting down the days!
  4. callahan4life

    Trying to Contact Ice Daddy

    Anyone have a contact phone number for Ice Daddy? Or could someone have him call me at mine? 904-838-7290
  5. callahan4life

    ThermoWorks is having a sale

    For all my BBQin' friends:ThermoWorks is having an Open Box Sale on their Splash-Proof Thermopen ($74 each - Limit Three). They come with a full warranty. The last time they had this I bought two and have been extremely satisfied with the product.  
  6. callahan4life

    Installing a BBQ Guru to a Lang Smoker

    I have a Lang 84 Deluxe Widebody  that I wanted to hook up a BBQ Guru to, but didn’t want to drill holes into my Lang. So this is what I did. I ordered the DigiQ DX2 from BBQ Guru. I also ordered their recommended adapters & Pitbull 25cfm Fans (2 of each), fan splitter and I also ordered the...
  7. BBQ Guru 006.JPG

    BBQ Guru 006.JPG

  8. BBQ Guru 007.JPG

    BBQ Guru 007.JPG

  9. BBQ Guru 005.JPG

    BBQ Guru 005.JPG

  10. BBQ Guru 004.JPG

    BBQ Guru 004.JPG

  11. BBQ Guru 003.JPG

    BBQ Guru 003.JPG

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  13. 2013 GBA Goin' Coastal BBQ Competition

    2013 GBA Goin' Coastal BBQ Competition

  14. callahan4life

    2013 GBA Goin' Coastal BBQ Competition

    My (Pig In A Pokey BBQ Catering & Competition Team) next competition will be this Georgia Barbecue Association (GBA) contest in Fernandina Beach, Florida on June 6-7, 2013. This will be my first GBA event. It will be a little different as they don't cook brisket or chicken. They are a pork...
  15. Goin-Coastal-Concert-Flyer-11-x-17.jpg


  16. Goin-Coastal-Event-Flyer.jpg


  17. callahan4life

    My 1st Brisket

    Great job my brother. I cook all my briskets in the pan and have never had one adversly affected by being in it's own juices. In fact most competitor's that I know cook in pans and also get great results. Very nice smoke ring you got there too.
  18. callahan4life

    Official 2013 N Fl Gathering--April 5th, 6th, and 7th

    What a great time! This is my second year attending and I had just as much fun this year as last. It was great seeing some old friends and making some new ones too. Those of you that missed it sure missed out, but there is always next year and Ihope to see you then! Speaking of next year, Jerry...