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  1. 3montes

    Camping anyone?

    Camping=fun times! We camped for years. Had various travel trailers and motor homes. Stayed seasonal at a local campground for six years while the kids were growing up. They are in their thirties now and still talk often of the fun times they had at the campground and are still in touch and...
  2. 3montes

    Things you wish you knew/did prior to getting an offset smoker?

    Wood cost, and the kind of wood available is going to be determined by your location. Watch Marketplace and CL. You will want splits of all sizes. From pencil size up to half splits. Think of splits in btu's not size. A small pencil size split is enough when you just need to keep the fire going...
  3. 3montes

    Ninja Woodfired Grill

    I stay far away from things that claim they do multiple tasks. The more the number of things they claim increases the less likely it is they do anyone of them very well.
  4. 3montes

    Competition wings - I simply cannot get the skin right

    I smoke at 250 for about a hour or so to get some good smoke on them and then deep fry for 2 to 3 minutes. Crispy and delicious every time. Sauce on the side. I always like to deep fry rings or something else to go with wings so I have the two basket propane deep fryer going anyhow.
  5. 3montes

    Has anyone tried Stundenglass for smoking foods / cocktails??

    I have one it was given to me so no investment. As far as infusing smoke to drinks I'm not sure. It does leave a very smoky odor in the glass so I think your nose is telling your brain to taste smoke in the booze. It works. I use it for smoking salts and herbs works quite well for that.
  6. 3montes

    17 lb prime brisket on the stick burner

    I usually run around 250 and no wrap. I do put it in a pan around 160 with a some beef stock or beer in the bottom to catch all the juices. I don't cover it until I take it off to rest.
  7. 3montes

    17 lb prime brisket on the stick burner

    Nothing, I mean nothing can compare to a properly cooked brisket on a stick burner. It's the way God intended it to be! Prime briskets can cook pretty fast so keep a eye on it. I've had a 14lb'er get done in seven hours last year.
  8. 3montes

    Trying to decide...

    I will just throw this out for you. Pork Belly Tacos With Ancho Chili's Roasted Pineapple and Avocado. I have made this twice now and it's positively off the hook. And it's something a little different than the normal BBQ fare. There's a little sugar involved but you could probably work around...
  9. 3montes

    Chinese balloon......

    Man that picture of Hunter can't be unseen! Just given the things we do know that is one dysfunctional family. I don't even want to think about what we don't know.
  10. 3montes

    30% off INKBIRD NEW 3-IN-1 Instant Infrared and Meat Thermometer for 10 quotas!

    Nice catch I didn't see that. I'm out as I was getting it mainly for that feature.
  11. 3montes

    Beef enchiladas

    Looks good to me! I made enchiladas last night as well but used shredded chicken thighs. Added some red pepper and onion and cheese for the filling. Made my own chipolte cream enchilada sauce. My first time doing enchiladas as well and I was very pleased with the results it was excellent. Served...
  12. 3montes

    For all you smashburger fans

    Tip on smash burgers. Smash them before you put them on the griddle. Yep smash them raw. You will still get the nice crust and they will be twice as juicy as a raw burger will not lose the juice when smashed.
  13. 3montes

    Blackstone Griddle has arrived!!!

    You shouldn't have any problems with propane in the teens as long as it's not teens below zero!:emoji_astonished: If in question bring the tank indoors overnight and you will be golden. Which Blackstone did you get? Be sure to post pics!
  14. 3montes

    Looking for a killer bbq sauce for wagyu ribs

    Umm, don't sauce beef ribs....please.
  15. 3montes

    Baked potato hash browns?

    I have been trying to get hash browns and American fries just right for a long time. I don't think par cooking hash browns is needed. One of the keys to hash browns it to get as much water out of the potato's as possible. The other key is the temp of the pan or griddle and the type of fat used...
  16. 3montes

    Blackstone Griddle - To buy or not to buy.....

    Something else for you to consider is a Camp Chef 16" stove system . It's what I did and got the griddles for it. One griddle is 24" the other 12" giving you 36" of griddle space. You can remove the griddles and have access to a three burner stove for doing canning, a pot of sweet corn or a low...
  17. 3montes

    Ray's Friggin' Green Bean Casserole

    Looks awesome but you gotta melt some cheese on top of those tot's don't ya?
  18. 3montes

    Educate me on stick burner smokers

    I have been cooking on this particular pit for nearly 14 years now. I've had several others I have bought and sold while I had this one but this is the one that is not going anywhere. This one was built by a independent fabricator in Texas so it is a one off. First thing I would tell you is...
  19. 3montes

    Who else has work buddies?

    I said nothing about drowning cats. Apparently you must think we are in some sort of a argument? And even more apparent you must think you are losing because putting words in people's mouth and creating straw kittens to fight is what many people do in those situations. So far I've found homes...