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  1. donr

    Something different for Christmas

    Car dents aside, a basket of 6 wings is actually satisfying.
  2. donr

    Something different for Christmas

    My wife has agreed to a hunk of geef and some smoked salmon (fish has to be cooked outside at casa del Don). I may be making the 5 minute drive to my NE Ohio Save-a-lot to see what's on sale. Would it be worth trying to dry-bag age the beef before smoking? I've never tried that.
  3. donr

    Something different for Christmas

    I get the pleasure of having my family over for Christmas. I'm done with turkey for a while & 4 days after Christmas I will end up eating half a pigs worth of ham @ the In-laws. I'm looking for ideas for something non-traditional. Not weird , just not usual christmas fair. Chicken...
  4. donr

    Cold Smoking Hard Cheeses

    The hardest I've done is 48 month black diamond cheddar. I light 1 end of my amnps w/dust and let it go until it burns out. ~12 hrs. Then let it mellow for 2 months +. That would be a block about 1" thick. I find the harder the cheese, the longer it needs to smoke. Don Edit - i normally use...
  5. donr

    Stuffed Meatloaf rings

    I should be able to flip it. With the pan lined with plastic wrap, it will release easy. If I put a layer of foil on top of the "bottom", then put a wrack on that, it should catch it easy enough. Just like flipping out a cake. Now for the question of "Will it hold together while smoking?" I...
  6. donr

    Stuffed Meatloaf rings

    This Friday I am planning to smoke some Macaroni & Cheese stuffed meatloaf. I am going to line (2) bundt cake pans with plastic wrap, lay down some meatloaf mix. Then fill with cooked & warm, fresh from the oven mac & cheese. Then cover & seal(hopefully egg and pinching works) with more...
  7. donr

    Way "over cured"

    We did end up pitching the meat.
  8. donr

    Who uses beer IN the sausage instead of water??

    I have used red wine in Italian sausages.
  9. donr

    Way "over cured"

    How long can I dry brine pork loins and still have them be good? I have some pork loins dry drined with TQ, vacuum packed and in a commercial walk in refrigerator that is 40°f. They have been flipped over about every 3 days. Through a series of events, they have been in there for about 9...
  10. donr

    With or without water when adding seasoning?

    For fresh sausage, I shake the seasoning onto the unground meat. Grind it. Then mix it until it's sticky. For cured sausage, I grind first, then dissolve the cure in a liquid. Then I mix it all up.
  11. donr

    "Low" Sodium Canadian Bacon

    Has anyone ever made Lower sodium canadian Bacon. I have a couple of loins curing with TenderQuick. I was thinking of soaking one in cold water for a little bit after curing, before Smoking. Anyone ever tried this?
  12. donr

    What to add to make sausage more tender

    I think I saw this on Food Network. Someone chef grinding beef and stuffing it into a burger dia. casing in one step. Then slicing the tube to pattie thickness. This apparently lined the "grain" up with the direction your teeth bite into the burger, giving it a more tender feel. It also...
  13. donr

    Sausage Smoker

    I understand. I would also love to see the canoe sometime. Don
  14. donr

    Sausage Smoker

    I agree. Buying a fancy electronic smoker just to ditch the electronics is counter intuitive. What if you build your own. Get an electric version of an El-Cheap-O Brinkman ($100 give or take). Build a tall wooden box with a door, a chimney & an air inlet near the bottom. 2x4's, T-11 siding &...
  15. donr

    Chargriller 9020 tripping GFCI after 5 minutes

    Try not having the cord touch the ground at all. I ran into this issue with some higher amperage power tools.
  16. donr

    Masterbuilt340G vs Smoke Tronix

    I got the MES40.
  17. donr

    Masterbuilt340G vs Smoke Tronix

    My Local sam's (Cleveland Area) had them at an end of season price lower than the $330. An offer I couldn't refuse. I assume different areas of the country may or may not have that price.
  18. donr

    Masterbuilt340G vs Smoke Tronix

    I just bought one last weekend as well. Going to use my AMNPS for long smokes. I was planning on pulling off the back, flipping the heating element over, and either using hi-temp wire, or put a hi-temp sheath around existing wiring. Don
  19. donr

    Beef Stick Sammy (Experiment)

    I was at a restaurant where they used a combination of 1 part Mayo, 1 part Horseradish & 1 part spicy brown mustard on basically a reuben instead of thousand Island Dressing. Wonderful. On a scout campout we diced up beef sticks, saute'd them in a pot for a little while with red pepper flakes...
  20. donr

    Putting multiple types of sausage in the stuffer canister. Any tricks?

    I am certainy no stuffing expert. But I would think it would work fairly well with a "horn" style stuffer. If I were to try it, i think I would do a small batch of italian sausage without paprika, followed by a batch of italian sausage with paprika. The visual indicator is the bright orange...