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  1. jetsknicks1

    First brisket

    Looks great. 🤘
  2. jetsknicks1

    Help! Wife wants burnt ends.

    Thanks, all that looks awesome. The flat is only 2.5# so spending more time wrapped makes sense.
  3. jetsknicks1

    Help! Wife wants burnt ends.

    Thanks guys, I never thought about crisping them up at the end. I imagine this could also be done in a cast iron skillet?
  4. jetsknicks1

    Help! Wife wants burnt ends.

    Good morning all, long time member but I haven’t posted for a while. My wife brought this home yesterday and said “How about you do some burnt ends for Sunday?” Sure, except that I’ve only tried anything like this once before in my life and the results weren’t great. Smoke it then cube it? Cube...
  5. jetsknicks1

    1st smoke in a while.

    Thanks! Coming up in 3 hours for the ribs I think I'm just gonna let em roll, without wrapping them.
  6. jetsknicks1

    1st smoke in a while.

    Just put the Turkey on. Ribs have been on about 2 hours, brisket about an hour.
  7. jetsknicks1

    1st smoke in a while.

    Hey all, I havent posted in a while and it's good to back. Fired up the OKJ for the first time, in a long time. It's just been so hot here this summer and even tho it's still hot, its the Jet's first game so here we go. Doing 2 racks of St. Louis, a sesame ginger Turkey roast and my buddy...
  8. jetsknicks1

    Welcome home cook.

    Hey all, been a while since I’ve stopped by. Our son has been working overseas and now that he’s safely back for the birth of his first, we are welcoming him home. Pulled pork, ribs & turkey breasts goin down.
  9. jetsknicks1

    Gameday wings - smoker vs grill?

    The great things about wings is you can smoke them ahead of time until they get just done and toss them on the grill to heat up and crisp the skin later.
  10. jetsknicks1

    Dyna Glo vertical side box vs Oklahoma Joes Bandera

    I love it. Plenty of room for what I need and it’s pretty easy to control the temp.
  11. jetsknicks1

    How much foil do you use?

    Absolutely the ONLY way to buy foil lol.
  12. jetsknicks1

    I am looking for this job!

    Just, wow.
  13. jetsknicks1

    11 lb. Picnic with pics!

    Nice! Actually just picked up one of those at Publix today lol.
  14. jetsknicks1

    Turkey Spatchcock or whole

    Nice suggestion on halving the bird. I smoke one every year but have always left it whole. I might try this.
  15. jetsknicks1

    Brisket in smoker overnight?

    At 190* and not quite probe tender, can’t believe this thing is finishing early lol. My pick depends on where I pick, if I end up with the first pick probably Antonio Brown or Todd Gurley.
  16. jetsknicks1

    Brisket in smoker overnight?

    First pick is 7pm so I’d like to get it done and ready to slice by 6. It’s cooking faster than I thought, at 175* right now. Gonna put it in a covered pan and see how it goes, actually a bit worried it’ll be done too early lol. If so, I’ll put it in the cooler with towels. It should be able to...
  17. jetsknicks1

    Brisket in smoker overnight?

    Lol. I got up at 4 and the brisket was on at 5. My buddy had originally picked up an 8# brisket but when he opened it, he said it had a weird smell so he chucked it and the only replacement he could find was a 13#. Here’s to hoping it gets done on time and doesn’t suck.
  18. jetsknicks1

    Brisket in smoker overnight?

    Well, clearly my plan sucked lol. I’ll just have to bite the bullet and get up early, I can get it set and going and catch some sleep.
  19. jetsknicks1

    Brisket in smoker overnight?

  20. jetsknicks1

    Brisket in smoker overnight?

    Yes, another brisket question, sorry. Doing a brisket for our fantasy draft tomorrow night and I really don’t want to get up at 4am to get it started. I have a vertical OKJ and I’m wondering if it would be okay to bring the smoker up to say, 300*, put the brisket on about 10/11pm, close up all...