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  1. canned smoke

    Ole Hickory CTO For Sale

    Can I ask why you're selling it? I'm curious because I have considered this model as an addition to a concession trailer and may be interested even with the distance. Thanks
  2. canned smoke

    Not your typical "which is better?" question

    This is more towards those that have used one or both of these two styles of smokers in a real world catering/concession style environment and which worked better. I am looking at a Lang 84 and an East Texas RK250. Both are very similar in size and build with one major design difference. The...
  3. canned smoke

    A-MAZE-N-SMOKER Slogan Help?

    Leave the competition in the DUST Drop A-MAZE-N-SMOKER in, kick creosote out
  4. canned smoke

    Pitched a doubleheader today.....

    Nice looking ribs. How you had left overs is mind boggling! Like the others, it would take at least 3 racks considering I would polish of 1 and maybe a half of another just myself.
  5. canned smoke

    meet the "skinwich" -- fair warning

    HAHA, I think TheDude was pulling a fast one. Take another look at the city names that are testing this "sandwich" and read them backwards. I really believe this was parody but I would be one of those who would try it!
  6. canned smoke

    4 BIG Slabs Ribs In The MES Using the AMNS 6X8 For Smoke...

    Thanks Paul. I never thought about using the propane torch from my old plumbing truck. That would work pretty damns good I think.
  7. canned smoke

    Need some more welder input

    I gotcha. So for learning to weld and using it for odds and ends around the home shop you don't need to be so concerned about duty cycles and such? Reading on the 125 it says it can weld up to 3/16. Would you say that's pushing it or it can do that pretty easily? I ask because if I do spend the...
  8. canned smoke

    Need some more welder input

    SOB, I looked at the Hobarts but everything I saw had a 20% duty cycle. From what I have been reading I am wanting something at least 60% or better. Do you notice the down time between cycles? 20% just seems like a little welding then a lot of waiting. Thanks for the reply
  9. canned smoke

    4 BIG Slabs Ribs In The MES Using the AMNS 6X8 For Smoke...

    Looks good. I hopefully will be breaking my AMNS in this weekend unless work has other plans for me. What do you use to light yours with? I figured my el cheapo fireplace lighters will do.
  10. canned smoke

    Thinking about buying an AMNS? Then you need to read this.

    I ordered a 6x8 AMNS last week. I splurged for the Maverick 732 and 5 pounds of cherry dust. A few days later my package arrived. I opened it up and dug my goodies out but it wasn't 100% correct. I contacted Todd and not only does he ship QUICKLY, but the guy responds to his emails lightening...
  11. canned smoke

    Need some more welder input

    OK, upon further research I decided against the Everlast brand of welders. So now I am looking at possibilities of Lincoln, or Miller. I have found a Miller Bobcat 225g welder / generator for under $2k. I know there are a lot of welders, both professionally and home hobbyists, on  this site so...
  12. canned smoke

    What is a premier membership?

    Craig, I used the search and got nothing near the number of results. When I typed in premier membership in the search box I got a return of less then 10 results. I still think it would be helpful to have the "benefits" listed on the payment page. SmokinAl, thanks. Most sites I belong to or pass...
  13. canned smoke

    What is a premier membership?

    I have already used the search and read the threads that came up but nothing telling me what a premier member is. I found a link that has payments for 1, 2, and 3 years, and lifetime but it gives no explanation as to what it is to be a premier member. Is this simply a donation thing for the site...
  14. canned smoke

    Anyone have any personal experience with Everlast brand plasma / welders?

    I am looking at adding some toys to my shop and I figured I would start with items I need for my future reverse flow smoker build. I found an everlast plasma that would do what I need but I am not experienced enough to know if this is a good brand. Keep in mind I would be learning with this...
  15. canned smoke

    A thought about design

    SmokinAl, I got the tank for a very good price so the way I see it, if I have it might as well use it! Really I am still tossing around just how big I want to make it so it may be reduced in size before I'm done.
  16. canned smoke

    After laying on my back in the horsepiddle for a week, I’m back on the smoker.

    jbest123, you going for that flame broiled taste? You may want to close the vents down some, I think your runnin it a little on the warm side.
  17. canned smoke

    A thought about design

    Thanks oldschoolbbq. I've actually been a member here for going on 6 years now, but I am more a reader then poster. That will probably change as I get my UDS done and begin on my 500 gallon reverse flow. coffee_junkie, Thanks for the reply. I kind of figured as much since I really have read...
  18. canned smoke

    A thought about design

    Well, I am getting antsy about my UDS build. I don't have the toys (welders and such) and until recently didn't have the space to work so unfortunately some of my wilder ideas are at the mercy of a local fab shop. 98% of the build I can do but for some of my tweaks it required a little welding...
  19. canned smoke

    AMNS question

    Sounds good, thanks guys. I bought 6x8, 5 pounds of cherry dust, and a Maverick ET-732. Dropped $105 but it was free shipping so the little woman can't be too POed can she?  
  20. canned smoke

    AMNS question

    OK, I just placed my order for the AMNS today to improve my MES 40. I was just thinking afterwards, can you half load with dust and it still work like it's suppose to or do you have to fully load it and then just snuff it when you are done adding smoke?