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  1. mountaincityoutlaw

    2 slabs and a loin

    Just have a beer and go with the flow, I did a slab-o-ribs yesterday and couldn't asked for a better bbq day. But today nicer day than yesterday but different wind and running 15 degrees cooler on the old smoker, no prob just a few cool ones and smoke is always a good day. Smoke on Brotha
  2. mountaincityoutlaw

    Sinful Bliss

    A couple more pics!!!
  3. mountaincityoutlaw

    Sinful Bliss

    Well I fired my h2o up yesterday to try my hands at some ribs. It has been awhile since I have cooked ribs and I needed to get some times down for a comp in may. I slathered with mustard and a heavy coating of rub. 4hrs later you could pull every bone out by hand and they cut beautifully.
  4. mountaincityoutlaw

    SMF - What do you look like?

    Me and the Partner!!
  5. mountaincityoutlaw

    Hello from Texas

    Hey Numbers, nice to see ya around!!!
  6. mountaincityoutlaw

    Try'n Ribs again, PICS

    Great looking ribs BigAl. Looks like your on the road to being a rib master. Perfect color.
  7. mountaincityoutlaw

    Smoking meat just a fad........

    The process has been around longer than any of us to date. He probably never has done any smoking and thinks that grilling some hamburgers is considered bbq. There is to much food out there that can be smoked and we are coming up with new ones every day. I'll get of my soap box now!!!
  8. mountaincityoutlaw

    saturdays smoke

    Good luck, I bet everything will turn out just fine. I would start a little earlier on the brisket just to make sure.
  9. mountaincityoutlaw

    This is a good one

    The is great. Keep a journal of what you do for you don't for get. Keep the que going brotha!!!
  10. mountaincityoutlaw

    new to smokin and have a some ?

    Do you know what type of fire wood it is. As long as it is not pine, or red oak or anything like that it is prob ok. You can use mesquite,fruit woods, or pecan, those will do just fine. I would use charcoal and wood both to get a real consistent burn for your fire. Small clean burning fires...
  11. mountaincityoutlaw

    First Brisket Questions (And other questions that may not belong in this forum....

    Sounds great my bbq brotha. Do what works best for you and keep tinkering until you think it is perfect and people like it. One note to consistent cooking is a log or a journal of some sorts, I know we all get busy with everything(including the consumption of adult beverages) while seasoning...
  12. mountaincityoutlaw

    Drum Smoker

    Hove you done a brisket in the barrel yet. How does the smoke ring turn out.
  13. mountaincityoutlaw

    Just one pic!

    Mouth Watering!!!!!
  14. mountaincityoutlaw

    Drum Smoker

    Newbie Question on barrel smokers, did you have to add more fuel for the fire ore was one basket enough. IF you do have to add how the heck do you do it. How is the heat and smoke pulled through the barrel. Sorry if these seem childish. :)
  15. mountaincityoutlaw

    Sunday's Smoking

    To funny.....
  16. mountaincityoutlaw

    smoked tenderloin with an apple jam rub

    I just pick up a jar of jalepno jelly to mix with some pineapple jelly and apple juice to glaze my ribs with. This is one heck of a combo.
  17. mountaincityoutlaw

    Sunday's Smoking

    I used pecan and mesquite wood for the smoke. What you see is small chunks of pineapple from a pineapple jelly, bbq sauce finishing sauce.
  18. mountaincityoutlaw

    Sunday's Smoking

    I smoked a brisket and a couple of Fatties. I enjoyed it and I hope you do as well!!
  19. mountaincityoutlaw

    b-day bash

    You can do some easy fatties for you can have some snacks while things are cooking. Do you a brisket, it is not as hard as you think it is. Maybe some ABT's if you like jalapeños. If you have any questions on any of it drop a pm to me, I would be more than happy to help you out. Good luck
  20. mountaincityoutlaw

    Fatty rub question

    Ribs and chickens both will be a whole new adventure. I find mine in the regular jelly section. If I could fine where I put my jalapeño jelly I would add a little of that with the pineapple to make an incredible mix. Let me tell you the ribs look fantastic with the sheen of a light jelly mix.