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  1. fresh meat

    My first rub.

    Thank You all for the impute.  This is going to be one of the best learning experiences I will ever go through.  But like they say try try again.  And I will.Thank You all again.
  2. fresh meat

    My first rub.

    The steaks were very juicy and tender. The rub worked very well. But I think that no Ground Cloves or Dill next time. It was very good. But I think that it could be better. Much,I will have to try again. I guess. Darn it.
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  8. fresh meat

    Comment by 'fresh meat' in media 'IMG_1508.JPG'

    This is my first rub on choice meat. I made it up myself and hope it turns out ok.
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  13. My First Rub

    My First Rub

  14. fresh meat

    My first rub.

    I have never used a rub before joining this site.  I hope this works out.  I have read about rubs and made my list of spices I need.  But not having any patience, I made my own rub from what I had. It will iether b good or not. These steaks are choice cuts left over from two other dinners cooked...
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  17. fresh meat

    fresh meat

    Thank You. I will try the on line how to soon, and I am very excited to be part of this group of grill Masters. Good food and fun in the future. And it might be the camera or just that nobody showed you how to use it.
  18. fresh meat

    fresh meat

    Thank You for the props. I only hope to grill hlf as good as you. Oh great grill master. Smokey Mo
  19. fresh meat

    fresh meat

    Hi. I am 44 years old and just got a new smoker/bar-b-que. by char-Broil.  I have lived in Oregon my entire life.  I have smoked meat once on my old bar-b-que. Love the new Grill but don't know how to use it to its fullest potential. so here I am.
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