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    Chile Lime Chicken Tacos

    I'm too far to get in line, so I'm going to have to do some on my own, looks delicious
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    Questions for RecTeq owners: Final MAK UPDATE, it's ALIVE!

    It could be that simple water poured in will breakup the pellets and let the auger break it up.
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    How Do I Get Rid of These Armadillos?!!

    Even if you could trap them, more will continue to come. You have to remove the food source.
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    More, Always Room 4 More!

    Ha ha, ' again or still'. Stupid question, it's always still! Great set, thanks for your efforts
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    Anyone ever wrapped a pork loin around the bacon?

    I agree with this idea, my first thought was to just cook up a bunch of bacon and put it inside, I would have cooked it all the way, but I like my bacon crispy.
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    Plating disaster!

    Nothing wrong with that plate, I would not push that away!
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    Bacon Grease Side Ribs In The Bradley Smoker

    Those ribs look awesome, I need to try some. We love ribs at our house.
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    Advice From a Dog

    I still cant see it, ha ha.
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    Advice From a Dog

    "Take the car next time" Awesome as always, thanks for the laughs.
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    new here looking for expert advise

    You have to tell us how much salt you want in the pastrami. We are extremely salt sensitive, so I soak for 48 hours and that meets our requirements. People that want more salt will soak for less. You may take a couple of attempts to zero in on it.
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    My wife is one of the founding members of the burnt meat club

    Same boat here. I cook wife's until I would think of eating it and then put mine on so I have no pressure to pull hers early. I tried to tell her in California they have warnings that it is carcinogenic.
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    Upcoming membership payment

    I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. It's not better than other sites that cost less, you don't see the value. Seems clear to me what you would do?
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    My wife is one of the founding members of the burnt meat club

    Only if she drinks beer, remember the 'wife store' joke. But nearly perfect :)
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    Never dreamed I'd see the day I'd be priced out of fast food

    To be honest I never thought I would see a post about over salted, low quality meat, fast food on a high end food forum. Not even considering how greasy they are, how much salt they have to add to mask the quality of the meat, they just taste so bad. I would eat the fries though.
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    New first aid method.....

    Ha ha ha, that was really funny :)
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    Troubleshooting a ceiling fan

    This ^^^^ Has similar event,I found a couple of GFCI switches in the garage. For a long time I wondered what they were for.
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    Troubleshooting a ceiling fan

    I think the testing would indicate if buying a new one is a waste of money?
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    Moving again. Baltimore!

    Yea, I was reading along and about to post a reply, would be nice if the post beginning date could be on the list element, it would be easier to knownits old. Happens to me often.
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    Clearing Some Space!

    Ha ha, sometimes it takes a few times for me to get it anyway!
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    V shaped fire management basket build

    Not just kind words the truth! I am so jealous of that smoker you are building. I just can't have one because I live in a forested protected neighborhood and can't have any flames that could generate a spark.