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  2. bulldogbacchus

    Pork Loin Rib Roast with Qview

    I did not check the temp. I have a thermometer....guess I should start using it.
  3. bulldogbacchus

    Pork Loin Rib Roast with Qview

    I asked the butcher  to cut me a bone in pork loin roast. He did.   5.80 lbs@ 1.98 per pound.....hard to beat.   I rubbed it with mustard and coated it with Jeff's Rub ( with a little extra pepper).  Cooked it over a placesetter in the Egg @225 for 6 hours, sprayed with apple juice a...
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  10. bulldogbacchus

    Finally.....we have bark sighting...

    I hear what you are saying. I am doing the next ones with mustard, even though I am pretty happy with these. " I got's to know".
  11. bulldogbacchus

    Finally.....we have bark sighting...

    Thanks for the kind words and the tip about wrapping.
  12. bulldogbacchus

    Finally.....we have bark sighting...

    I have been dissatisfied with the bark on my ribs. Yesterday, I used Jeff's rib rub for the first time. I rubbed the ribs with oil instead of mustard. I am much happier. 4 hours on BGE at about 200. One hour in foil. Rested in fridge overnight. Finished with a glaze this evening.....last pic...
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  16. bulldogbacchus

    Molcajete Salsa

     True molcajete is made with a mortar and pestle. A smoky, fiery hot salsa, it is a far cry from the watered down, bottled salsas so common today. My simplifed version uses a food processor, and thus is a bit easier than the classic. Grill 3 lbs of tomatoes and 1 lb of serano peppers( stems...
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  18. bulldogbacchus

    New to SmokingMeatForums

    Thanks for having me. For me, things having sort of come full circle. I started out cooking briskets on a smoker I built when I was 20 years old. Over the last 32 years, my cooking has  evolved.....French, Italian, Thai, Southern....and now I am back to smoking meats, messing around with rubs...
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