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  1. greatful smoker

    fridge finished

    they are just some oven racks my brother found and we cut them down to fit not sure of anything other than that but they work great
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  3. greatful smoker

    fridge finished

    q-view from first smoke in greatful smoker brisket, chicken wings, and some apps jalapenos wrapped in bacon and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto everything turned out great just need some more temp control and just some cooking practice with the smoker also doing prime rib tomorrow first time so...
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  13. greatful smoker

    temp control on greatful smoker

    i can't get my new smoker to keep low temps running a gas element from a turkey fryer and my temps are on the lowest i can keep is around 280 would like to get control down to around 250 and lower to smokr other things thinking of maybe switching to electric if i could get some info like what...
  14. greatful smoker

    fridge finished

    i think i am going with the A-MAZE-N-SMOKER   so if you see a order from las vagas you know what is going in will be ordering in a couple of months after the christmas dedit is gone
  15. greatful smoker

    fridge finished

    thanks for the input guys i did chicken wings yesterday and a brisket is going in today with some other apps. so will post some q-view later today
  16. greatful smoker

    fridge finished

    my firdge converstion i done and i think it is going to work well only thing left is to add a smoke gen thinking of going with the smoke daddy inc. gen looks to be the best design but if there is any other feedback anyone can give me after you look at the pictures feel free to let me know
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