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  1. low&slow

    been gone for awhile

    Well there are still some familiar faces here. Good to see everybody again. And nice to meet everyone else. Dave, the beast is still alive and kickin. It was quite a restoration I did. Took me a long time to get her looking and working like she should. I have been thinking of selling her just...
  2. low&slow

    been gone for awhile

    Hi everybody. Its been a long time since I posted here. Everything seems a bit different. It looks like all the regulars I use to talk to are gone. I did a member search for Texas-Hunter and cant seem to find him. Last I heard he was a moderator. Anybody know where he disappeared to? Also, its...
  3. low&slow

    Let's get rid of some of these forums.

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  4. low&slow


    Hey Pops, I just came apon this thread. I just wanted to say welcome home and Im glad to hear you're feeling better. Heck if Id had known you were at Arlington Memorial I woulda come to visit you. Maybe sneak some brisket in for ya. I live about 6 blocks from there. So glad to have ya back. We...
  5. low&slow

    I have to have this smoking song please help

    Or you can just click on my myspace page to hear it. Ive had it on there for years. Or you can go to Brandon Kinneys myspace page and listen to it there too. He has lots of good songs like that.
  6. low&slow

    Labor day weekend them here!

    I'm just smoking another brisket. Bet yall are getting tired of my brisket pics, seems thats all I smoke. My excuse is, "Im from Texas". Me and my girls went and ate at Risky's BBQ last night then we went to the Stock Yards rodeo. Riskys was good, but I think I can do better. I took a few pics...
  7. low&slow

    Grub Rub

    They make several different kinds but I have only tried the plain BBQ rub. It's in a tan bottle with brown writing on it. They make rib rub, pork rub, all kinds, but I use the plain BBQ rub on everything.
  8. low&slow

    Grub Rub

    I've used grub rub a lot. It's pretty good, kinda sweet, theres a lot of sugar in it. It tends to clump together and makes it difficult to get out of the bottle. Other than that, it's pretty good if you like the sweet stuff. I like Stubbs rub a lot. Its pretty much the only thing I use now.
  9. low&slow

    .99/Pound Briset-Kroger

    I freeze briskets all the time. I have 4 untrimmed packers in the deep freeze now. I always buy several when they go on sale. Yep, the thaw time can be crazy. I usually pull mine out of the freezer in the morning and set it on the counter top until I get home from work. By that time it is...
  10. low&slow

    Can my brisket be saved?

    Take the internal temp to 200-205 for fall apart tenderness.
  11. low&slow

    Michael Phelps! ! !

    He did it. 8 gold medals. 7 world records. He stands alone in history.
  12. low&slow

    House Flies?

    LOL!! Thats funny. When my wife brought ours home we wanted to test it out but didnt have any flies available. So she dared me to stick my tongue on it. Like an idiot I did. It hurt something fierce, but my wife and daughter sure thought it was funny. Never try that!!
  13. low&slow

    House Flies?

    I have an electric fly swatter. Its pretty cool!!! I just hold it out in front of the fly and when he hits it he explodes in mid air. Its a great invention!!
  14. low&slow

    going to attempt ABT - want to start with solid, basic method - help?

    You're very welcome. They dont last long around here either. Im glad you're enjoying the recipe.
  15. low&slow

    going to attempt ABT - want to start with solid, basic method - help?

    Heres how I make my abt's. 10 fresh Jalapenos 8 oz block cream cheese, at room temperature 1/2 C finely grated sharp cheddar 1 Tbsp dry onion 1 tsp granulated garlic 1 Tbsp honey 1 Tbsp barbecue rub 1 lb bacon, thin cut Wearing gloves, cut jalapenos in half...
  16. low&slow

    The barbecue game!!

    The dog always eats my meat before I can get it to the table. I tried to shot him but the gun wont fire on the dog.....errrrrr. Then I got hit by a hail ball and it killed me.
  17. low&slow

    Prayers and Well Wishes for Richso101

    Get well soon buddy!! You'll be in our prayers.
  18. low&slow

    The barbecue game!!

    OOPS!!! Sorry, I dont get out much.
  19. low&slow

    The barbecue game!!

    Finally a game that us barbecue'rs can get in to. Its a lot of fun, just dont let the dog eat your meat. And shoot that dang bird before he poops on it.
  20. low&slow

    Cowboy Pinto Beans

    Im making some of my pinto beans tonight and thought I would share the recipe with yall. 2 cups pinto beans - wash and soak overnight in 8 cups of water The next day wash beans again and add 6 cups of fresh water and 1 lb. ham hock and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer and simmer for...