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  1. bjmpm777

    Where to get lump charcoal?

    I called locally about getting lump charcoal and all the info they had was to some guy in WV that has 2500 lbs for $600. I started laughing. 2500 lbs? anyway, if anyone has a good link or info on getting some lump charcoal i would appreciate it. Thanks!!
  2. bjmpm777

    New smoker cant get it hot enough

    Hey, thanks for the fast reply. I will have to see about the air intake and open up the top vent too. Also have to hunt down lump charcoal. you rock. I will try that and post my results. The tri tip recipe worked great. thanks again.
  3. bjmpm777

    New smoker cant get it hot enough

    Hey all! nice forum. I just got a new cabelas 7-in-1 smoker (had a gift cert). I tried to smoke tri tip and it came out really good. the problem is that it would never get above 205 degrees. I started it with charcoal and used the propane burner to start it. I was able to get the heat to...