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  1. IN2HNTN

    Vacuum sealer recomendations

    I went through two Food Savers, each lasted about 10 years. Pickup up a Weston from Costco about a year ago, looks and feels much more heavy duty than the two Food Savers were, but only time will tell how long it lasts.
  2. IN2HNTN

    What's the typical wait time between seals?

    My sealer also recommends 20 seconds between seals, I have a Weston. I think it's to prevent over heating of the element.
  3. IN2HNTN

    Sourdough Starter.

    Interesting, I have a sourdough starter that is about 7 or 8 years old now. I keep it in the fridge and feed about once a week or maybe two. If i'm making bread I'll keep it at room temp and feed it daily for a couple of days leading up to the bread. My feeling ratio is 1:1:2
  4. IN2HNTN

    First Summer Sausage

    New guy to SMF and made up my first batch of summer sausage last weekend. I just want to say thanks to everybody on the forum. There is a tremendous amount of good information on here and it really helped answer all questions that I had in trying this for the first time. No pictures, but...
  5. IN2HNTN

    New Guy to the Group

    Thanks for the welcome. Currently livin' in SoCal, my hunting obsessions are waterfowl and big game, mainly elk, but also chase after mulies from time to time.
  6. IN2HNTN

    Fajita Tri-Tip and Yellow tail on the Pit

    Two of my favorites, Tri Tip & Yellowtail. They look fantastic! I'm not a huge fan of cooked bluefin, curious how you are planning on serving the bluefin?
  7. IN2HNTN

    New Guy to the Group

    New guy here, just what to say Hi! I just picked up a Pit Boss Pro Series Vertical pellet Smoker to add to the family. I already have a Weber kettle charcoal & Weber Summit gas grill's. Really want to get into smoking meats & cheeses and this looks like the place with lots of good information.