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  1. 1MoreFord

    Buckboard bacon????

    There used to be a smokehouse deli/resturaunt near me that made what they called high on the hog bacon. It was buckboard bacon by another name. I don't know when in the process they did it but it was always cut in slightly oversize bread size pieces and then sliced so that the slices were...
  2. 1MoreFord

    Fry Sauce?

    Raisin Cane Sauce Freddy's Fry Sauce and Jalapeno Fry Sauce Zaxby's Chick-fil-A Slim Chickens All have a fry sauce or a version of sauce similar to fry sauce. There's at least one more chicken place with a fry sauce. Kinda on the East Coast IIRC I know I'm forgetting more and don't even know...
  3. 1MoreFord

    Finish in Oven or Smoker (Offset)

    Yeah, you're saving wood if you wrap and then use the oven. Do that or don't wrap.
  4. 1MoreFord

    Looking for a CI skillet.

    Griswold, or Wagner from Craigslist, fakebook Marketplace, or fleabay.
  5. 1MoreFord

    Heading to Tuscaloosa, AL

    Did you hit Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur? How about Dreamland in Tuscaloosa? Give us a little more time to respond before your next trip(s).
  6. 1MoreFord

    For the love of, Pyrex!!!

    What you have is mostly Corning Ware - Not Pyrex. Pyrex is the clear glass cookware. It's fame was being temperature shock safe/stable. You could take it from the fridge directly to a hot oven safely. When Corning Ware sold it the new owners changed the glass that had been used. I believe it...
  7. 1MoreFord

    Horizon Smoker Customer Service…

    Almost everybody does that these days. You can't make money making 1 piece at a time since people won't pay that much. You can't stock everything all the time since interest costs too much. You don't want very much in stock(inventory) since the government taxes you on it like income.
  8. 1MoreFord

    What is the Purpose of Baby Backs? Also: Rub Question

    They were mis-labled. Those were Loin Backs. I told ya people miss used the term. It's up to you to know the difference. I'd buy the 7.5lb pack if necessary but pass on the bigger packs everytime.
  9. 1MoreFord

    What is the Purpose of Baby Backs? Also: Rub Question

    Part of the trouble is there are Loin Back Ribs and Baby Back Ribs even though some people insist that all Loin Back Ribs are Baby Back's. Those folks have it backwards. While they are the same cut of meat they are different in that BB's are the smallest versions of Loin Back's. BB's are the...
  10. 1MoreFord

    Horizon Smoker Customer Service…

    With their accessory orders I understand they wait until they have enough orders to justify production. Sorry, but the 1 whatever you want does not justify breaking into other production runs to upset normal plant flow. It's not just them.
  11. 1MoreFord

    crooked ribs,

    I quit buying pre-cut frozen SL ribs for this exact reason. Packing houses should not turn untrained employees loose with bandsaws. SL Ribs should be trimmed with knives only. I do not like rib tips and will not pay for "SL Ribs" that are mostly rib tips instead of bones.
  12. 1MoreFord

    some wood questions

    Any version of cherry should work. Not sure which one you will prefer. If the stick/log is big enough you will have to split it. I would split your example at least once. Maybe twice. Split it first thing if you want it to dry quicker. The bark will be a non-issue. It will dry with the...
  13. 1MoreFord

    After loving and eating tomatoes my whole life, now I seem to be alergic to them.

    I'd try taking some Prilosec or Nexium to see if that helps. They do wonders for my Gerd.
  14. 1MoreFord

    Suggestion for a Pellet Smoker Under $600

    The Camp Chef XT or Pursuit 20 fits your criteria.
  15. 1MoreFord

    Poor Mans Soup (Hamburger soup)

    It already has. I can buy round steak about as cheap as lean ground beef.:emoji_disappointed:
  16. 1MoreFord

    Cattlemen's Classic BBQ Sauce Question

    Woody and his wife sold their business and retired. His BBQ truck is still up and running under a new name the last I knew. I was afraid his sauce and rub would disappear from the shelves. It used to be available from Sam's and other...
  17. 1MoreFord


    Y'all want the smooth steels. The ridged ones ruin knives. The smoother the better.
  18. 1MoreFord

    Anyone ever tell y'all that I HATE dogs...

    Should have got a Chow. Best of both worlds.
  19. 1MoreFord

    Need help identifying hickory tree

    Somebody who knows trees better than me will be by with your answer but the type of Hickory is not really as important as the type of Oak is. From a cooking wood standpoint Oak is more variable than Hickory. I've never seen anyone question what kind of pecan their wood is and there are several...
  20. 1MoreFord

    My Sweet Bread Starter

    I'm thinkin' ya oughta try one batch of bread puddin' with that.