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  1. fishin33

    My First Brisket--What Went Wrong?

    Can you explain your prep process a little more?  Was the brisket fresh or frozen?  Fully thawed?  Did you start the MES first and let it get up to temp?  Or did you put the brisket in then start it all up?   The other thing I noticed is you said 6 hours.  How big was your brisket?  I know the...
  2. fishin33

    First Brisket! Can it rest ALL Day?

    Perfect. Thanks JJ!
  3. fishin33

    First Brisket! Can it rest ALL Day?

    I just completed my first brisket and SMF was invaluable for questions and resources. I had a 14lb brisket from Costco that was never frozen and I ended up having to cut it in half as it wouldn't fit in the Master Forge propane smoker. I used Jeff's newsletter as a guide and plan on making...
  4. fishin33

    Dutch Oven Liners

    I may get called out on this, but I love the DO liners you can pickup at Walmart or Cabelas, etc. I haven't used them with anything other than cobbler - but for those of you that DO when you are camping imagine making amazing cobbler and then pulling the liner out of the DO when you are done and...
  5. fishin33

    Cooking with coals

    I honestly have never even tried with charcoal as I'm the same - always DO by campfire. I will say this though, let your fires be good established fires before you go to cooking. We usually have it going at least an hour or more before we think about cooking. Then I'll get the cobbler going...