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  1. gunzby

    LSG or?

    That's another upgrade I'd have to think about. If I keep it outside it'll be on concrete and really won't move unless I'm cooking in the rain where I'll roll it into my carport. I might see how it goes and if I want bigger wheels I'll get them at the hardware store and do it myself.
  2. gunzby

    LSG or?

    I was looking at that one as well. It's a bit too big for my needs, or even my wants.
  3. gunzby

    LSG or?

    I was using B&B lump when I ran out, but that was also a 14 hour smoke. Right now I have B&B competition charcoal logs which would definitely last a lot longer
  4. gunzby

    LSG or?

    That's actually small enough to fit through my door. I'm in no rush to buy right now. This is more of a next year deal after I cash out a few investments. I was looking at the wheels, handle, drain, SS grates and definitely the cover if I left it outside. I'm giving myself a lot of time to...
  5. gunzby

    LSG or?

    Well, I wouldn't say never on grilling. It would be for when I'm grilling a lot of stuff.
  6. gunzby

    LSG or?

    I currently have a Kamado Joe, which is great for grilling and smoking. The main drawback is with long smokes like pork butts or brisket. I'll run out of charcoal, have to pull everything, fill it back, relight, get back to temp and start over. Originally I was looking at Traeger and that...
  7. gunzby

    Father's Day smoke

    Finally the finish and they were great
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  9. Father's Day smoke

    Father's Day smoke

  10. gunzby

    Father's Day smoke

    I haven't smoked anything in quite some time. Work has taken over for the last year, but with Fathers Day upon us I never miss smoking ribs for my dad. This year I went a little different with the rub. I stuck with the brown sugar base and added onion powder and garlic powder along with my...
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  14. gunzby

    PERFECT RIBS EVERY TIME! This really works!

    This is how I do mine. I love finishing them off on the grill because it gives it a nice char and caramelizes the Bbq sauce. I've actually never finished ribs in the smoker because the first time I had ribs when I was a kid they were cooked this way
  15. gunzby

    Just some spatchcocked chickens fresh off the smoke

    Looks great I tried one the other week and wasn't happy with the outcome. I pulled too early and the meat was rubbery. I also didn't clean my pan before putting them in after smoking ribs so the chicken had a hotdog smell. Considering that it was my first time and I didn't kill anyone it was...
  16. gunzby

    New restaurant...need ideas for apps.

    Smoked rosemary red potatoes Herb crusted zucchini with a balsamic glaze (my favorite) Smoked wings in a few different flavors You could make a rib basket where you use a third or quarter slab Fried pickles I spent a lot of time working in restaurants when I was younger. I could come up with a...
  17. gunzby

    What's in ur smoker today?!

    Nothing today, but tomorrow I'm going to do two spatchcocked chickens and some rosemary potatoes
  18. gunzby

    Baby Backs

    Thanks, I'll take better pictures next time. I actually came up with this about twenty years ago when I worked at Applebees. They have those awful riblets, but every now and then a full slab would sneak its way into a case. They obviously don't have a smoker there so I had to do the best with...
  19. gunzby

    Baby Backs

    Sorry about the double. I thought this one didn't post
  20. 3-2-grill Baby Backs

    3-2-grill Baby Backs