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  1. retread

    A warning if you MIcrowave you AMNPS pellets to dry them

    As a general rule, I do microwave my AMNPS pellets to dry them.  I had an "experience" the other day which I feel necessary to share.  My microwave is a 1200W and I use full power for the pellets.  This time I microwaved them for 3 minutes.  When I took the pellets out of the microwave some were...
  2. retread

    Shrimp Remoulade ~ Foamheart

    CAPERS!  Oh my gosh, try adding caper (maybe a tsp and then crush them between your chef's knife and your chopping block).   I always use caper sin my remoulade.
  3. retread

    Beef Ribs Questions

    When I've done bone-in short ribs, I've used the 3-2-1 method I use for pork spareribs or just 6 hours on straight smoke, no foil.  Mrs Retread and I both like them that way and if you go the 6 hour straight method you get a nice smokey flavor.
  4. retread

    masterbilt electric smoker

    Please be aware that the thermometers supplied with Masterbuilt Electric smokers are notorious.  Most of us (I definitely do in my MES 40") use digital food/smoker thermometers like the Maverick ET-732.
  5. retread

    ABT Input please

    Here's a thought that I have used successfully (as far as ABT's go).  Mrs. Retread (also known as SWMBO <she who must be obeyed>) does not really like the heat of jalapeno's either so I get enough japs for me and whoever else wants them and then get 1 or 2 poblanos each for the "wimps".  Yes, I...
  6. retread

    Strolen smoker- Salem Oregon

    The original news story has been updated and says someone spotted the smoker and reported it to the police.  They have it so it should be returned, soon.
  7. retread

    Newbie Sausage maker

    I started making sausage with a Kitchenaid Blender and attachments for meat grinding and sausage stuffing.  If you just  want to get a feel for the task, that may be the way you want to start.  I still use the Kitchenaid to grind the meat, but I now have a Cabala's meat mixer and a 10 lb manual...
  8. retread

    Lumpy brown sugar

    Mrs. Retread stores brown sugar with a piece of bread inside the bag.  I don't really know how it works, but it surely does.
  9. retread

    Navy guy EXTREMELY NEW to smoking - Hampton Raods, VA

    What everybody else said, bu with a major addition: THANK YOU for your service!
  10. retread

    Bark??? can't seem to get it

    And stop foiling, if you do that.
  11. retread

    Maverick Failing?

    Todd (at A=MAZ-N PRODUCTS INC. ) sells replacement probes.  You can also often find probes with longer wires there as well.
  12. retread

    First Time Disaster

    Can you give us more information about your equipment and how you set it up?  From a previous post I thought you were working with an offset wood burner,but you speak of briquettes.  How are you measuring your temperatures?
  13. retread

    First post... lots of questions... be gentle. :-)

    I may be wrong, but I think the "trick" of putting onions, apples , or herbs (which is something I do!) is a GRILLING trick used for charcoal grills.  I have never heard of doing it with a smoker but dropping wet herbs (anyway) on th ehot coals will help impart the herb flavor into whatever one...
  14. retread


    I use natural hog casings which I can buy at my local supermarket (Market Basket) in Massachusetts.  Mine come salted. I soak what I am going to use in the sink for about 15 minutes before I start with them and then I rinse the insides out by putting my sink sprayer inside one open end of the...
  15. Smoking Meat in Beijing

    Smoking Meat in Beijing

  16. retread

    Smoking Meat in Beijing

    I spent last week attending a conference in Beijing.   One day, walking around I saw this restaurant and had to try it. I got a 3 way meal: smoked brisket, chicken and beef ribs.  They were certainly acceptable and a welcome surprise and change in Beijing!
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  18. retread

    I just had a thought....

    Thanks, Scar
  19. retread

    I just had a thought....

    I haven't seen this idea posted anywhere, and I was wondering if some has already tried it.  Think standard ABT's, either whole or boat style.  OK, now (Oh the horror, the horror) cool them off to room temperature.  Bread them and deep fat fry them to make ABT POPPERS! Has anyone tried that?
  20. retread

    Please help with my Maverick Model ET-732--constant problems

    I don't know much about the MES 30, but I have an MES 40 and it has a known hot spot in the right rear of the smoker.   If your Maverick smoker probe is , indeed in a hot spot, that could explain the issue.  Try moving the mounting point for your Maverick probe to a fifferent location inside the...