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  1. jon3000

    help with first pulled pork

    OKay here are some pixs, it turned out great! Thanks to all your help, I had a great plan all laid out. I was going to take a little nap from about 8pm till around 11pm at which time the meat would go on the smoker. At the last minute I got a last minute job that was too good to pass up. So I...
  2. jon3000

    First Butt on Saturday

    Great question Jasper. I"m doing the same thing on Sat and wondered the same think. Good luck to you...
  3. jon3000

    Pork Cut Diagram

    thanks Devo I'm one of the guys whos been asking them questions lately. I love visuals, it does help...
  4. jon3000

    help with first pulled pork

    Hey Florida Bill you had me cracking up late last night on your response! Anyway, as a matter of fact I found Florida Jeffs recipee several days ago and I definately had that plan in mind... I went to Savmart today and found my choice. They call it a pork butt roast. It'a a nine pounder for...
  5. jon3000

    help with first pulled pork

    Wow thanks for all your help folks. As I now understand, if the store lables it correctly, the shoulder is really the butt and picnic combined. I haven't found a picnic yet but plenty of butts around, so that's what i'll be doing this weekend. Don't worry pix will be coming... Thanks Shortone...
  6. jon3000

    help with first pulled pork

    Okay I have mastered pork and beef ribs, smoked a killer hamburger, did some great dogs, and even some awesome corn on the cob (thanks to all of your help of course). Now I have good pointers here already for pulled pork: My question is: is pork butt the way to go, and does a pork sholder or...
  7. jon3000

    I'm thinking it's time to leave.....

    Hey Bill (Smoked) don't you dare leave! I'm still new in here and need lots more help from both you and recipees from Tatonka. You know if we were always afraid to express our opinions, or risk being misunderstood, I think this world would be a pretty boring place. Stay in here, don't take...
  8. jon3000

    First smoke session.....

    Great job, it looks good........
  9. jon3000

    Mighty Tasty Burger

    Thanks for the recipe Brennan! I had some friends come by at the last minute... no time to get the ribs on, so I had an excuse to try your burgers. Wow they were great!
  10. jon3000

    Looking for advice

    Wow great response iqak and welcome. I'm right next door to you in Elk Grove. I have my doubts about the water pan keeping meat more moist, but it definately helps keep the heat more even, which is good when you have each shelf filled up with grub...
  11. jon3000

    Good Deal on GOSM

    it sounds like you saved enough money to feed all of us... when and where...
  12. jon3000

    After much consideration.....

    You are gonna love it!! Good luck and happy shopping...
  13. jon3000

    need help with beef ribs temp

    oops sorry guys, still working on the pix upload techniqe... these are better
  14. jon3000

    Pic test

  15. jon3000

    Pic test

  16. jon3000

    need help with beef ribs temp

    Thanks for all your help guys, boy beef ribs sure shrink alot more than pork... not a whole lot of places left to place a probe, but they sure are tender and juicy!
  17. jon3000

    need help with beef ribs temp

    would that ruin the probe or give a wrong temp?
  18. jon3000

    need help with beef ribs temp

    i'm doing 4 racks and thought i would put the thermometer in for the last one hour...
  19. jon3000

    GOSM Runs Hot...Thinking of Adding Vent(?)

    i have the big block which has one on top and one on each side towards the bottom. Those stay open just a little bit while the top stays wide open, I can easily get just about any temp needed. Yours does need to be modified and if you do a modifications on GOSM search here, you will find how...
  20. jon3000

    need help with beef ribs temp

    I'm doing beef ribs for the first time today... gonna try the 3-2-1- method. Do you generally pull the ribs at 160 degrees, or have them go to 172 degrees like pork???