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  1. drinkdosequis

    wife of a smoker

    Becky, Welcome from another girl that loves to smoke. This site is incredible and so are the people. Great advice and help along with all kinds of how-to's. Karen
  2. drinkdosequis

    Round 2, Let the fun begin ...again

    We are planning to spend a week in Destin the second week of September. Why did we pick the peak of hurricane season???
  3. drinkdosequis

    New Okie joined up...

    Welcome Fastball, Its nice to se another Okie around. This is a great place with all the helpful advice you can ask for. Karen
  4. drinkdosequis

    Just got my 3" Smoker thermometers in.

    I also just put 2 of these on my SnP at grill level and really like them.
  5. drinkdosequis

    Hello from Texas!

    Welcome Coach, I lived in Houston for 25 years myself. You will love this place! Karen
  6. drinkdosequis

    Step by Step Smoked Corn on the Cob

    Great post, Thanks!
  7. drinkdosequis

    A Busy day! Please Read.

    I agree KC. Its nice to not be treated any different here because I am female, everyone here makes me feel welcome. I didn't realize there were so many female smokers out there. Thanks to Jeff and all the moderators!
  8. drinkdosequis

    Prayers for Cowgirl and her brother

    Cowgirl, my prayers are with you and your brother.
  9. drinkdosequis

    Anyone got Con'bread?

    Do a search here for Dutch's recipe in the cast iron skillet. It is great!! I get raves every time I make it.
  10. drinkdosequis

    Am I a traitor, hehehe

    I have a propane GOSM and love it. I have an ECB and ordered a kit yesterday to convert it to propane. I just couldn't seem to master the ECB charcoal.
  11. drinkdosequis

    Charcoal to Propane Conversion Question

    Yes it is an 8 year old male Bull. A teddy bear!
  12. drinkdosequis

    Charcoal to Propane Conversion Question

    Thanks for the info XTexan, I just called and ordered one.
  13. drinkdosequis

    Old hunter... new smoker

    I did a couple of loins Tuesday that turned out really good and moist. I put them in brine overnight then rubbed them down with Jeff's rub and wrapped them in bacon.
  14. drinkdosequis

    New Smoker and New to the Site!

    Welcome wahouse8! This folk here are great! I have learned so much from them. Karen
  15. drinkdosequis

    Propane Smoker Recommendation?

    I third the GOSM. It was my first and a great smoker to get your feet wet with.
  16. drinkdosequis

    What's your occupation?

    Accounting Geek. I am the Controller for a government services contracting company.
  17. drinkdosequis

    Now I Went and Did It!

    Ouch!! Hope you heal up soon!
  18. drinkdosequis


    Welcome Damon, glad to see another Okie around. Gig em!
  19. drinkdosequis

    Hiyas :)

    Welcome Sharpi. You have come to a great place. I have learned so much from everyone here and they are so kind and generous with help and information.