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  1. d10n

    SMF Push Pin Map

    I've got mine added! Kind of lonely down here in the southwest!
  2. d10n

    Fill a water pan while smoking

    The one I swiped from the kids is plastic - it hasn't melted on me yet, the temps stay just low enough that I don't worry about it.
  3. d10n

    Fill a water pan while smoking

    I appropriated the kids' long necked watering can for their flowers, and it works great for my ECB. The WSM should work similarly.
  4. d10n

    Salsa de Cobre

    I figure I should contribute something to the table here, so here's a classic from my neck of the woods. As a disclaimer, this turns out with a much thinner consistency than most are familiar with. Like BBQ or food in general, salsas vary from place to place. Arizona copper towns kind of have...
  5. d10n

    Newbie from Arizona

    Yes I am. I run dozers, loaders, graders, and whatever else they decide to throw me on for any given day. I run an average 13 hour shift, so what goes in that bucket is very important to me. Tonight I'm making sandwiches out of the London Broil I cooked yesterday, and local bakery hamburger...
  6. d10n

    Newbie from Arizona

    Greetings from Morenci Arizona (One of the few true "company" towns left in the country). I've been grilling for years, and I picked up an ECB a few weeks ago to further assist my quest for something decent to put in my lunchbucket (I have this habit of lobbing most of your typical sandwiches...