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  1. Lowjiber

    New member from Vegas

    Thanks much! Your wife is correct. I live a little over a mile from the strip.
  2. Lowjiber

    New member from Vegas

    Nice to meet a fellow poker player. My dad taught me to play 7 card before I was ten. Unfortunately, there are very few 7-card games in the casinos here... NLH & PLO reign supreme. Typical NLH games are 3/6 and 5/10... there's always a game open. There are always tournaments available at...
  3. Lowjiber

    The First Rack Is On!

    Good luck.... You'll be fine. I cook a lot on a WSM. Consider adding a DigiQ to that puppy down the road... Makes life a little easier.
  4. Lowjiber

    New member from Vegas

    New guy here. Been smoking for over 30 yrs, but recently purchased my first pellet smoker (Traeger Ironwood 650). I'm done burning sticks and charcoal. I'm retired and play poker daily here in "Sin City". Found this site when searching for what function that grid at the top of my hopper bin...