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  1. hardslicer

    Big Green Egg!!

    Thanks John, I will check out that website soon
  2. hardslicer

    Big Green Egg!!

    Happy to say my wife got me a BGE for Christmas and man was I surprised!!  Normally it's just a package of underwear and the promise she will leave me alone for the rest of the day!  It's still in te box so I'm gonna make a nesting table (the blueprints are online) and set this thing up right...
  3. hardslicer

    Calling all Smoke Hollow owners!

    if you use the watt burner model I would suggest you get the Amazin Smoker......those things make all the difference if you want to truely 'smoke' some meat in an electric smoker which the heating coils shut off and on
  4. hardslicer

    More Pizza (on the weber kettle) and Football

    uummm pizza.....nicely done....great pics!! 
  5. hardslicer

    How To Clean A Squid

    ok, something I will never make....but very educational just the same...thank you 
  6. hardslicer

    Perfect Marriage

    oh that's
  7. hardslicer

    What type of beans for baked beans?

    When I'm in a rush....I simply get the baked beans in a can that do not have all the extra flavors added......throw in some brown sugar, some bacon and toss it in the smoker for awhile.....I like to stir it every once in awhile to get the smoke 'skin' that develops on top mixed in with the rest...
  8. hardslicer

    Cocoa Rib Rub Recipe

    Always willing to try something new........thanks 
  9. hardslicer

    Long over due

    happy birthday.....let's eat!! 
  10. hardslicer

    Char-Griller Smokin Pro with firebox- Mods

    is this a great hobby or what!!  every step is a learning experience and a way to help us mprove our Q.....I don't have one of these units, but certainly find this interesting 
  11. hardslicer

    Philly Cheesesteak Fattie

    wow!!  thanks for all the effort in putting that post online......great information there and my taste buds thank you!!  
  12. hardslicer

    Packaged ground pork

    I tend to lean towards the 'safe' side myself......  food poisoning is not a fun thing  
  13. hardslicer

    Bacon started!! Sliced!

    you had me at bacon!! 
  14. hardslicer

    3rd set of briskets, 2nd WSM try, 1st rub shootout, nth wine and coffee

    nicely done....thanks for taking the time to post all the pics and details......
  15. hardslicer

    Boneless Backribs

    nice presentation......great pic's and educational....thx, Todd 
  16. hardslicer

    6lb Pork shoulder, 2 racks of BB, tri tip and chicken

    nicely done.......PS. toss that crock pot when she's not looking! 
  17. hardslicer

    Would you trust this corned beef? ****UPDATED with Q-VUE

    personally I would toss it and just get something fresh.....for a few bucks is it really worth the risk?   Either way I hope your life is back on track, welcome back brother........
  18. hardslicer

    Baby got back! (ribs that is)

    those pics are real pieces of artwork........nicely done! 
  19. hardslicer

    smoking ribs

    your on the right site....these guys know what they are talking about....I learn something everyday! 
  20. hardslicer

    Problem keeping AMNPS lit in MES 30"

    I'm a dust man too.....never had any problem and I've got a pretty tight watt burner......Todd will set you right on this....