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  1. davemt

    Hot Dogs!

    Nice lookin dogs Dan. Were those 14 lbs of butts bone in and cryovaced by any chance?..  I ask this because the bones in pork tend to sour faster than the bones in beef when in cryovac.  A good rinse in water will often times get rid of that smell. Just sayin, as everybody says I'll never go...
  2. davemt

    Prime Rib (Tied with best one I ever ate)

    Perfect pink all the way through!  Great job. When I left click on the pics it opens a new window that shows a smaller pic?
  3. davemt

    GREENBAY 31 - 25...

    Wait till next year
  4. davemt

    Best Half Time Show Ever

    Lights were good, singing bad. Christina Aguilera   flubbed the National Anthem.
  5. davemt


    Winter in Russia -
  6. davemt

    The SNOW thread

    Thought that these pics would help those that got hit hard feel just a little bit better. Winter in Russia -      
  7. davemt

    Chuck Roast, Mushrooms w/Q-view

     WOW,  I haven't seen a bone in chuck roast in probably 15 years.  Man that looks good!