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  1. sdp1234

    Keeping Roast Beef Warm

    I often sous vide eye roasts for 22 hours with beefy onion soup mix and a tablespoon of gravy master. 131 degrees and it's awesome. I have not found a way to serve it warmer than very luke warm. When I slice and serve it gets cold. Since it's perfect at 131 I'd love to have something...
  2. sdp1234

    Roast Beef. Cold smoke then SousVide

    I'd consider my self an experimenter not a smoking or sous vide expert. My sous vide eye roast turns out great with eye roast and beefy onion soup mix. I also like smoked round roasts. Been thinking I'd really love to make some roast beef lunch meat. My thoughts are 3 hours or so of...
  3. sdp1234

    Sous vied then smoke

    I’m checking on food safety when mixing Sous vied with smoking. I’m cooking bottom round at 132 for 21 hours in-the Sous vied. If I rapidly chill in ice and water can I then smoke it from 34 degrees up to 125 then rapidly chill again before slicing for roast beef?
  4. sdp1234

    Boneless Chicken

    I had boneless chicken at a chain bbq joint the other day and I noticed the cut it from a chicken "log" Does anyone know how to put boneless breast meat and maybe a bit of thigh meat into something to cook as a small log of meat. Not sure if I'm explaining it well. Thinking of the string\net...