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  1. Upright smoker

    Upright smoker

  2. wolfmann

    Upright smoker

    Finished a great upright insulated smoker. 
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  8. wolfmann

    Dutch Oven Table

    Hi BJ The table was an order from a guy that did competitive cooking and used his dutch oven's to make his side dishes and sauces. So how the pots would sit on there I have no clue I just build it to his need. I think he was going to build his fire on top of the grate and set his pots in to the...
  9. wolfmann

    New smoker build FINISHED

    I will do that. I am thinking of building a double smoker where you have a 20" x36" pipe on either side and build a 20" x 20" by 40" tall square cooking chamber in the middle with the firebox set in the middle under the upright. Maybe have a couple of dampers to control each chamber. I think I...
  10. wolfmann

    New smoker build FINISHED

    Thanks for all the great comments. Well he picked it up yesterday and was happy was what i build for him. As luck will have it I also sold my own smoker i build a year ago to a young man looking for a used smoker. He is happy with it actually cooked on it yesterday afternoon. LOL So now I am...
  11. wolfmann

    New smoker build FINISHED

    Well I am done with the smoker. I added some tubing under the smoker to have space to store stuff and put the serving shelve up. I like painting it first before I weld it in place it is so much either to get paint in to all the corners and spaces on the grate that way.I think it came out sweet.
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  19. wolfmann

    New smoker build FINISHED

    A few more pictures of the build.
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