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  1. bobh127

    Weekend brisket & burnt ends. Qview galore!

    Al, the flat and the cubed point looks great. I love burnt ends!  My questions are: is it possible to get your recipe foe the beans? Then the sauce did you make that from scratch, or it is a jarred sauce that you doctor up and smoke? I've not done many briskets, and I think I now see why I've...
  2. bobh127

    challenges with Brinkmann Square vertical smoker

    I am not trying to one up anyone, nor am I shilling for the manufacturer of my grill. However just to let you know how I do it, I'll tell you about doing 2 butts recently. I set my Kamado (TM) ( I do not recommend the Kamado (TM)) (But I do recommend this type of cooker) (anyone who wants to...
  3. bobh127

    Weber potholders

    Oh, sorry Al, <blush> Any idea where she got the idea?
  4. bobh127

    Weber potholders

    Al, These are different than the Weber potholders, but they look like a really good design. If they are thick enough to take pots/skillets out of an oven, or items off my Kooker running at say 400 degrees, then I might well be interested. I am new to the forum, so am not real sure about doing...
  5. bobh127

    Weber potholders

    Yeah Ross, I looked there, and on EBAY, all to no avail. I was hoping someone might know of an after market source. These potholders a  really handy, and heavy duty as well. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks.  BTW, do you still live in West Fargo. I think I remarked to you once that I used to...
  6. bobh127

    Weber potholders

    Several years ago I purchased a pair of heavy potholders made by or sold by Weber, These could be used either as a standard potholder, plus they also had a place you could insert your hand and use them like an oven mitt. I've been looking on the web for these as I need to replace mine. Can't...
  7. bobh127

    Meadow Creek smokers?

    Not to make anyone jealous or anything, but my ceramic will go 20 + hours smoking pork butts at 210F on 8-10 pounds of lump. I tried once to see how long it would go before burning out, and it took me 24 hours. YUM was that butt good!
  8. bobh127

    Howdy Do!!!

    I did a quick search on Google using "55 gal food grade oil drum in Lubbock Texas" and got this hit., Don't know if they still have them of course. Just click the link and go from there.
  9. bobh127

    My Kooker

    RB, you are absolutely correct in that it is the same design as the BGE, but there are differences. The wall of the BGE is 1/2 inch thick, where mine is 2 inches thick. The heat sink is way different. However I will say that the BGE is a great machine.
  10. bobh127

    My Kooker

    Craig, I am not going to argue with you. The FF is a Fraud in and of it's self.
  11. bobh127

    My Kooker

    Ok, I am giving it a try at uploading a picture of my Kooker. It is called a Kamado which is a brand and an ancient way of cooking in the far East especially in Japan. If the picture raises any questions fire away. BTW, I do NOT sell these things.
  12. Kamado.jpg


  13. bobh127


    I have the picture, but am not certain I am smart enough to post it on the forum. I will see if I can though.
  14. bobh127


    Hi grillers and smokers (the good kind) I just found this forum today and immediately was interested. My name is Bob Henrick, and I live in Lexington. I use a ceramic grill for Kooking about anything needing cooking. It does a great job of either cooking direct, or indirect. The grill looks...
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