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  1. randyrayd

    MBGF 560 large temp discrepancy.

    Thanks!! Tomorrow I plan on doing some burgers and will set the Thermoworks on two different grates and will see what shows up. My last two smokes, I ignored the MB temp and it seemed all was good.
  2. randyrayd

    MBGF 560 large temp discrepancy.

    It's been a minute....I searched the archive on this, but still have a question: On most smokes I use a pan for neatness and grease fires and a metal rack over the pan to smoke to all the meat. I started noticing my smokes were taking longer than usual so I started putting a probe in the...
  3. randyrayd

    best way to keep brisket for next day

    Sure....but then you've got a greasy $200 cooler!......Wait! $200 cooler??? JK, but no way this old man is paying $200 for a cooler.
  4. randyrayd

    smoking a brisket a day early

    Exactly as does Bear!
  5. randyrayd

    25 pound turkey

    I haven't smoke a bird that large, but since splitting is almost the same as spatchcocking, charts say 10-12 minutes per pound at 300*.
  6. randyrayd

    Ideal Turkey smoking temperature

    I smoke my birds at 225* until 140* temp, then bump the grill up to 400* or a little less to crisp the skin until the meat probes at 165*. I don't use a water pan as that seems to keep the skin rubbery. Everything I read says smoke 30 minutes per pound but mine seem to be done sooner. One of...
  7. randyrayd

    Friday fish

    Some of you may sacrifice during Lent. One thing I do is no meat Fridays. I felt guilty yesterday because this meal was no sacrifice. Everything was cooked on one cookie sheet in the oven. The fish and asparagus had a butter/dilweed/lemon/garlic sauce and the potatoes were coated with Jeff's...
  8. randyrayd

    First spare ribs on the MBGF 560

    Thanks to Rexster for correcting my typo.....and the grill temp was 500*. Maybe a bourbon too many.
  9. randyrayd

    First spare ribs on the MBGF 560

    I have used those, but maybe need to get a bigger one. They kept falling off edge as I turned them. This tray has some pretty big holes in the bottom though.
  10. randyrayd

    Masterbuilt Gravity Feed

    Welcome to The Forum huntfishdad and Duffman56. The MDGF 560 is the consummate cooker in my opinion as far as versatility. Other cookers, stick, gasser, electric or kettle/drum have their strengths, but this is the best mix of all in my opinion. This thing will be up to burger cooking temps...
  11. randyrayd

    Pan Seared Rib Eye Fajitas And Eggs (W / Pics)

    I'm trying to skip breakfast......but now I'm hungry! Thanks a lot!:emoji_laughing: Seriously, looks great!
  12. randyrayd

    Prime Brisket On The Masterbuilt 560

    I know temp is the thing, but what was your cook time please?
  13. randyrayd

    Cleaning the MBGF 560

    I have mostly cooked over a pan, but when grilling at high temp, I know some crud will get down in the smoker, not just juices but ash. to anyone that has had their 560 longer, how are you cleaning up. I have aluminum foil on the grease cup and heat manifold, but what about food char that...
  14. randyrayd

    Masterbuilt Gravity Feed

    The cover is heavy duty canvas, so I think there shouldn't be any reason you couldn't keep it on the deck, covered.
  15. randyrayd

    First spare ribs on the MBGF 560

    Howdy from deep in the heart....! I decided to grill some spare ribs over high heat like I did before I got smoke crazy. One reason was I decided to do the ribs too late to do a longer cooking method. First some EVOO and Jeff's Texas rub recipe, which I use on most everything. Then some...
  16. randyrayd

    Masterbuilt Gravity Feed

    I haven't had any issue with falling ash or embers. The ash pan is in a compartment that has a sealed door. I've had a little grease seep out from the cook area but nothing that would start a fire.
  17. randyrayd

    Masterbuilt Gravity Feed

    Mine didn't come on either, but Home Depot assembled it for free. It was a crew that goes from store-to-store. Some wires crossed. But if you can't find anything wrong with the wires do as Will Will (Will squared :emoji_laughing: ) said.
  18. randyrayd

    First cook on my Grilla Alpha

    None at all. If I'm throwing a pool party for my wife's huge family, they're eatin' what I'm cookin' or they can bring their own. Or better yet, stay home. There's too darn many of them and my pool wasn't built for 50. Full disclosure, I'm an only child. Here in Austin, they have...
  19. randyrayd

    What are you thankful for?

    I also have a lot in common with you...and more so. hehe. tx smoker, I can head from South Austin to North Lake Travis any time you say!