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  1. lilricky

    Cold smoking bbb

    Looks good
  2. lilricky

    First attempt at pulled pork

    Each piece of meat is different. Check your smoker temp, I try to do mine at about 245-250. Another thing you can do if on a time crunch is take off of the smoker at 160 wrap in foil and finish in a 300 oven.
  3. lilricky

    Masterbuilt died with Boston But inside

    It will be good. finish it off in the oven, just may not have as deep of a smoke flavor.
  4. lilricky

    Tomato growing problems

    Hello all, as I sit here and ponder what to put in my garden this year, I keep thinking about all the problems I have had in the past with tomatoes. For the last 4 years, the tomatoes I have tried to grow have been a failure. It seems for what ever reason once the fruit forms and starts to grow...
  5. lilricky

    Reuben Fattie with QView!!!

    Looks good!
  6. lilricky

    Temp not coming up

    Here she is
  7. Temp not coming up

    Temp not coming up

  8. image.jpg


  9. lilricky

    Temp not coming up

    Hi all. I have just recently completed my mini UDS build (will post pics when I transfer from phone as they will not post from there for some reason). Any way, I built it from a 15 gallon barrel(no liner, no need to do an extensive burn), lid and grate from a small char-griller grill I had at...
  10. lilricky

    My 1st UDS build!!

    correct. I used brass on mine as that is what we had where I work
  11. lilricky

    Fall Colors @ Bear's House

    Nice looking place you got there Bear. At my place, its all over but the raking.
  12. lilricky

    Why do my ribs suck!

    A good thermometer and a log book were the 2 best things I had when I first started. Well said Pops
  13. lilricky

    Craigs List Find

    Check Wausau, Wisconsin Craig's List for a Big Green Egg. There is one listed for $750
  14. lilricky

    Kingsford Charcoal sale

    Yesterday at my local Wal-Mart (Shawano, WI),  the original (blue bag) kingsford was on sale for $8.97 for the twin pack of 15lb bags. I picked up 4 bags total, will go back tomorrow I think. Just passing on the info
  15. lilricky


    Beer can yard bird going on here in about 10 min. Brined with slaughterhouse brine, PBR for beer and rubbed with Webber Kickin' Chicken. Using the ECB, with hickory and apple. Picks to follow. Stay tuned.
  16. lilricky

    Pastrami From Corned Beef on the Smokin-It # 3

    Yeah, what he said!!!! Don't forget some cheese.
  17. lilricky

    Prime Rib (Away Game)

    I noticed the kitty. With a kitchen that big, I could park my car in there, Very nice, both the kitchen and PR.
  18. lilricky

    First boston butt

    I go all the way to 200*, maybe 205* if it is going to be pulled.
  19. lilricky

    Texan Jalapeno Sausage - Take 1

    My complaint- I didn't get any. Looks awesome, two thumbs up!
  20. lilricky

    An odd pizza I make

    Sounds good to me. I make a similar one. It has sausage, kraut and pepperjack cheese on it.