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  1. PulledPorkSandwich

    Vacuum sealer recomendations

    I have this one too, and it's worked very well for me. No complaints. I use mine a couple times a week, so I'm not a super-heavy user.
  2. PulledPorkSandwich

    wood-fired pizza oven

    Just to add to @Steve H points. I have the Fyra and I find it very difficult to modulate the temperature. The Fyra will heat to upwards of 900 degrees F and works well with Neopolitan-style pies that are mostly crust with no toppings that need to be cooked. I like to make "Chicago-thin"...
  3. PulledPorkSandwich

    Sweet Baby Ray’s

    I decided to make Jeff's meatloaf last week so I bought the recipe to his sauce. It's excellent!
  4. PulledPorkSandwich

    St Louis ribs...need help

    I did spare ribs last week they were the best I've made so far. I applied oil then Jeff's rub, smoked at 225 for 4 hours, then sous vide at 152 for 24 hours, then slather with Jeff's sauce and grill for 5 minutes or so to set the sauce. The meat was tender and juicy and came off the bone...
  5. PulledPorkSandwich

    Pulled Pork Green Chili

    That looks absolutely fantastic! I'm drooling over that bowl right now. Very well done! I actually tried this myself and it didn't come out so well. I made pulled pork several months ago and vacuum sealed and froze the leftovers. I also managed to load up on hatch chiles while they were in...
  6. PulledPorkSandwich

    New Member Seeking Advice on electric Smoker

    I'm surprised, on perusing this thread, that nobody has recommended Smokin-It. In case anyone is still looking, I'll offer my opinion. I have one of their Model 2 analog units and I'm very happy with it. I've had it for 3 years and it's been stone cold reliable. I've smoked port butts...
  7. PulledPorkSandwich

    Hatch Green Chile and Tomatillo Pork with QView!!!

    I'm looking forward to your results with this. I have some leftover, frozen pulled pork and some frozen hatch chilis I'd love to use in a stew.
  8. PulledPorkSandwich


    I bought a OneGrill from Amazon to fit my older Weber Genesis grill. It's well-made and fits my grill perfectly. I use it for rotisserie chicken frequently.
  9. PulledPorkSandwich

    Some heavy weather coming

    Well, I must say I hate winter. I grew up in Chicagoland and spent 5 years in Minneapolis. I got to experience many days in a row where high temperatures were below 0F. I remember one day between Thanksgiving and Christmas when the high where we lived near Minneapolis was -15F. Spit into the...
  10. PulledPorkSandwich

    Some heavy weather coming

    Winter storm Uri, Feb 2021, spooked millions of Texans. We were without power for 72 hours straight. Couldn't cook even if we had food. No food in area grocery stores. Very little in area restaurants. Thousands of dollars damage to my pool equipment. ERCOT was beaten unmercifully and...
  11. PulledPorkSandwich

    Pizza oven

    I have had an Ooni Fyra 12 (12 inch, pellets only) oven for 2 years. I'm struggling with it, but I haven't given up yet. Here are a couple things to keep in mind if you're interested in this oven: The oven gets very hot, easily reaching 900 degrees F. That's great for cooking neopolitan-style...
  12. PulledPorkSandwich

    Smoking almonds

    I'll be watching here too. I've tried several times to smoke raw nuts and have failed each time. The seasoning doesn't stick and neither does the smoke. I did do Jeff's ultimate smoked snack mix a few times, which includes mixed nuts, and he uses butter to coat the ingredients. That worked...
  13. PulledPorkSandwich

    Recommendations for a dedicated spice grinder?

    I don't think it would work for dried bread, at least I don't think mine would. Mine has a cover over the grinding area intended to keep the spices from flying all over the place as they're being ground, meter their flow into the burr area, and force the ground spices into a container. There's...
  14. PulledPorkSandwich

    Recommendations for a dedicated spice grinder?

    I did some research on this topic myself awhile back. I had been using an old blade coffee grinder but, somehow, spices had crept into the area where the blade spins and it seized up. In the course of my research, I learned that "burr" grinders are generally preferred because they tend to...
  15. PulledPorkSandwich

    Man I detest dry chicken...

    My wife loves chicken breast and for years, I've grilled chicken breasts for her. The results are always dry and tough. She's happy enough with that, but I can't stand it. So now I only cook whole birds on the rotisserie. I cook them just as @sawhorseray describes and get consistently moist...
  16. PulledPorkSandwich

    Did it live up to the hype?

    I've heard Goldee's is excellent barbecue. I live in the Ft. Worth area, but I have not yet tried it because of the wait involved and the possibility that you could wait and they could run out before you were served. The popular press around here seems to declare a different barbecue joint the...
  17. PulledPorkSandwich

    Franklin's Barbecue...

    I hope you enjoy Franklin's. I have to ask, though: If you're close to Franklin's, your pretty close to Lockhart (and you may be able to get there without going to Austin). Have you been there? There's some pretty good BBQ there, for sure. Owned, I think, by members of the same family...
  18. PulledPorkSandwich


    I agree with @WaterRat . I lived in Minnesota for several years and had the opportunity to fish for, and eat, quite a bit of walleye. I stuffed and baked a big one once, but otherwise I always fried them. I can't imagine what a smoked walleye would taste like, but I suspect it would not be good.
  19. PulledPorkSandwich

    First attempt at fish was a success!

    Just following up on my previous post, I see from @thirdeye that allowing the cedar (or other wood) plank to smolder is acceptable. :emoji_sunglasses: I'll emphasize that the cedar smoke flavor is an excellent complement to the flavor of the salmon itself. It's fairly strong. I can understand...
  20. PulledPorkSandwich

    Fermenting Olives

    I'm no expert, but my understanding is you'd end up tossing most or all of the lactobaccili if you toss the brine. That would seem to stop or severely impair the fermentation process, resulting in high pH and possible spoilage. Mold is certainly a potential problem with any ferment, but it can...