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  1. aftershox454

    Burnt Ends & Remnant Flat cut: Q-view

    awesome post!
  2. aftershox454

    Pecan wood and butts?

    Hey gang, just got a butt put together for superbowl and was excited to find some pecan wood pellets at the store yesterday so picked em up- i have it rubbed down with jeff's rub and sitting in the fridge right now- was wondering your guys' thoughts on using pecan wood for my butt? Thanks, Alex
  3. aftershox454

    Pork Loin w Qview

    looks amazing! will get that done next time i get to the store!
  4. aftershox454

    Rub Recipe for Salmon

    instead of the rub i like a little bit of a syrup on mine- bottle of white wine (chardonnay for me) reduced with 2#'s of brown sugar let it cool and soak the fish for 10-15 min before it goes in the smoker- I like it
  5. aftershox454

    Impress the family and give the wife a break!!!!!!

    sounds great- i'll probably try that this next weekend
  6. aftershox454

    20 Clove Roast

    nice!! Makes me wish I had a fire place
  7. aftershox454

    dehydrating garlic?

    sounds like that is my problem- i did not slice te cloves at all have the whole clove in there and i think it was just too much so i took your advice and sliced em down and it should make a big difference thanks!
  8. aftershox454

    dehydrating garlic?

    hey gang- have some garlic going in the dehydrator and it being the energizer bunny of garlic it just keeps going and going in my cableas dehydrator- we are talking the 8 day mark and still mushy texture- peppers done onion done but garlic still remains- any body have some tips/tricks for...
  9. aftershox454

    what to mix with goose/duck snack stix?

    as always thanks for the great help eric!
  10. aftershox454

    what to mix with goose/duck snack stix?

    hey guys- alright I did some snack sticks a while back out of the box and liked the flavor I got but was not pleased with the texture- very crumbly and inconsistent- i have another round of shot up birds coming my way and want to redo the snack stix with some other ground meat mixed in- the...
  11. aftershox454

    NEW OLP #41170 stainless for Christmas

    Hey guys, alright got a new smoker for x-mas from costco and it is awesome! stainless steel gas smoker made by outdoor leisure products- excellent finish with racks that have sausage hooks and rib racks welded on a good size smoke box and good adjustment controls love the looks and...
  12. aftershox454

    wild game rub?

    like it! simple and tasty- thanks much!
  13. aftershox454

    wild game rub?

    hey guys, got some large goose breasts to smoke up and was curious what you guys though of putting a rub on them before they go in? -if you like the idea any suggestions on what type of rub would be helpful- thanks!
  14. aftershox454

    My rub recipe

    wow! loving the disection of the rub! Very scientific!
  15. aftershox454

    2nd butt coming up!

    oh man a bunch of see it to believe it people on here huh - Best Buy here I come!
  16. aftershox454

    2nd butt coming up!

    alright well butt#2 turned out very well and was met with some very happy people- no q-view as the digital camera is officially KIA -hunting/water incident but after x-mas there should be another one in teh house somewhere and with more butts /ribs to smoke should be a q view overload on New...
  17. aftershox454

    2nd butt coming up!

    hahah didn't think of that oh well- price difference was less than 3.00 so not too worried about it- and it look more oficial coming from the butcher shop wrapped in paper than styrofoam and plastic
  18. aftershox454

    2nd butt coming up!

    hey gang, got my second butt going into the smoker tomorrow BY REQUEST!!! -hahah just wanted to share that any way i changed it up this time and got the bone in shoulder from the local butcher instead of the big box store so should be a much better butt 6 am start time- 9am-1pm at the...
  19. aftershox454

    I want to smoke Venison Sticks but not sure how

    i bought one of those kits from outdoor outfitters that came with seasoning, cure, and collagen casings- all the instructions said to do was stuff the casings let em sit for atlease 2 hours (i did overnight) then cok in an oven / smoker at 200* untill the internal temp was 165* instructions...
  20. aftershox454

    First Pork Butt Pulled OMG!! Qview

    WOW man digging the home build! that is some cool stuff- I agree with the smokqueen! WA state will be the new smokin home with guys doing stuff like that!