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  1. wwright85

    new smoker

    I have the masterbuilt XL propane smoker and the chip box is slotted with 4 or so holes in it and it allows to much heat and the chips and even chunks will catch on fire. Search for Masterbuilt propane mods in the search bar and you will come across what quite a few people on this site have done...
  2. wwright85

    Hello Everyone, Newbie from small town Ohio

    Pastrami looks great, where abouts are you in ohio? I'm located in Eaton just inside the indiana ohio line off I-70  
  3. wwright85

    Hello Everyone, Newbie from small town Ohio

    Hello everyone, My name is Billy and I'm a 25 year old NDT inspector who travels the majority of the time. I got turned on into smoking last summer thanks for my girlfriends father and after receiving a few gift cards to bass pro for christmas I decided to purchase the Masterbuilt XL Propane...
  4. wwright85

    First Post and First Fatties w/ Pics

    The chorizo was by far my favorite, the combination of spices in the sausage and jalapenos plus the chalula I sprinkled on the inside :). The XL is great sometimes a little large for a small cook for just me the Mrs. and our 4 year old, but as you can see in my profile pic I've used almost every...
  5. ribs, beans, mac n cheese.jpg

    ribs, beans, mac n cheese.jpg

  6. wwright85

    First Post and First Fatties w/ Pics

    First of all thanks to everyone on this forum for leading me in all the right directions with my smoking and thanks to all of you I'm now hooked! I'm using the Masterbuilt XL Propane smoker currently and looking to expand my options very soon. So on to the fatties. with a little help from the...
  7. stuffed mushroom.jpg

    stuffed mushroom.jpg

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    sliced two.jpg

  9. cooked before slicing.jpg

    cooked before slicing.jpg

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