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  1. jimr

    Back to the spicy stuff

    Nice lookin' jerky.....will you share the recipe??
  2. jimr

    Brining ribs

    These ribs were definately not dry or tough.....They were "fall-off-da-bone" tender and very moist. They were advertised as "locally smoked" so I'm guessing they were not totally prepared at the restuarant.
  3. jimr

    Brining ribs

    Does anyone here brine their ribs before cooking? I ate at the local country club restaurant last evening and they had smoked ribs as a featured special. They were smoked very well but seemed to have the taste of ham. Also the meat was the color of ham, which leads me to think they were brined...
  4. jimr

    Turkey question

    My brother and nephew both shot turkeys today and want me to smoke the breasts for them. I have never smoked a turkey much less a wild one so I am wondering if there is anything special, aside from brining, that should be done with them. Is injecting something to consider? The meat will be...
  5. jimr

    New season.......

    Very good beginning......just wonder how things turn out with the brothers when Capt. Phil "leaves"
  6. jimr

    New season.......

    Tuesday night starts the new season of Deadliest Catch.... This season will be without Captain Phil..... Wonder how his boys will get along without him.
  7. jimr

    Smoking deer sausage; 1st go at it

    I agree with everyone here......50# is very ambitious for someone who has never done this before. Stuffing with a grinder works very well.....if you have an Enterprise 32 with a 1hp motor driving it like we had. One guy making tennis ball size gobs of meat, one guy loading the grinder, one guy...
  8. jimr

    smoke generator cleanup....

    When using a smoke generator, like a Big Kahuna, what is the best method for removing the creasote build-up in the unit itself? I noticed that the use of wood pellets causes considerably more build-up than using chips or chunks. Witness the puddle on my driveway
  9. jimr

    foiling question

    When doing multiple racks of ribs do you foil them seperately or can they be foiled together? Also if foiled together, can they be put into an aluminum turkey pan and covered with foil to serve the same purpose?
  10. jimr

    Stuffer question...

    Anyone out there have a Gander Mountain 15# stuffer??? I need a 3/8 stuffing horn for my sons stuffer and I am not sure which stuffers have parts that are interchangeable (ie LEM, Enterprise, etc) Thanks in advance
  11. jimr

    Mush See Bill Board

    That showed up somewhere in Minnesota a month or so back........ As far as "the new guy".......I don't think we can literally "afford" to see him "work" much longer!!!
  12. jimr

    A thought to brighten your day.....

    When you are down in the dumps and think you have real problems, just remember........ SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD THERE IS A POOR SUCKER NAMED "MR. PELOSI"!!!!
  13. jimr

    wiring question

    Picked up some high-temp wire from a local electrician......29 cents a foot. Didn't think that was too bad. Now I'm waiting for some high-temp connectors from Fastenal.
  14. jimr

    wiring question

    I just got my strip heaters and was wondering if regular #12 wire will work if I take the temp up to 350* or will I have to look for a specialty wire?? If there is such a thing
  15. jimr

    question on viewing pages....

    If I do that to make it fit I'm going to need a space telescope to read it!!! I've got 60 year old eyes!!!!!!! I guess I'll just scroll.........
  16. jimr

    question on viewing pages....

    Look at the post "Census"......There is no picture and I still have to scroll right to left. I have noticed that some members posts require the scrolling even without a picture. This is not a complaint about it......just a question Could it be something in the signature line???? I'm using the...
  17. jimr

    question on viewing pages....

    Why is it that some of the posts can be viewed in the window without moving the window right to left and others have to be moved? Is it my computer or is it the posters issue?
  18. jimr

    Temp problem

    Thanks Deltadude, I checked out the link you included in your prior post. I am seriously considering 1 or 2 finned strip heaters from Grainger made by Tempco Electric Heater Corp. Do you think these heaters will work for my application? My walls are made of 2x6 frame with 6" fiberglass...
  19. jimr

    Temp problem

    Thanks, I've already got it set up for electric though. I've got an email into Tempco Electric Heater Corp for info on strip heaters.
  20. jimr

    Temp problem

    I gave her another run last night with the switch eliminated altogether and it ran up to 205*............but it took 2 hours and it was in my garage which was 60* with no wind to effect it. Looks like I will be going with something different. What's the general consensus, finned strip, tube or...