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  1. lucc

    aldi hot dog buns

    My kids like the top sliced buns, the dogs don't roll out. I remember my grandparents and parents getting them all the time. Pepperidge Farms sells them in all the stores:
  2. lucc

    T-day legs and wings

  3. lucc

    T-day legs and wings

    Been a while since I posted anything on this forum, good to be back. Did my usual thing on Tday morn, smoked the legs and a couple wings to nibble on before the main event, even threw on some pork belly bites. I make a Disney type brine for the turkey the night before and brine for 12 hours. I...
  4. lucc

    Keto, the time has come, long over due really.

    I started Keto back in December of 2019, I was 6'2" 310# and felt like crap. I decided to make a change and decided upon keto. I watched many videos on Youtube from Dr. Berg, just search keto Dr. Berg, and the diet made sense to me. In a year I was down to 235#, felt great, bought a whole new...
  5. lucc

    Thermo for chamber and meat??

    It's hard to find a bluetooth or wifi thermo which has both a chamber and meat probe. What does everyone use for their chamber temp/thermo? I have an older Maverick which needs to be replaced.
  6. lucc

    Pork Belly Bacon No Pellicle Hot Smoke Results - QView

    So I picked up some pork belly from the local grocery store on the cheap, never smoked belly before. Where can I find info on curing details and what not?
  7. lucc

    First Competition Pictures - NJ State Championship

    Nice, I go there every year, except for this year of course. My parents and sister have houses down in Wildwood Crest, they always say I should enter. What were the categories?
  8. lucc

    Should I split an 8lb butt before smoking to get more bark?

    Depends greatly on the smoker being used, one where you can control airflow and what not like a WSM you can fill with sand and cover with foil. If talking about an unmodded Brinkmann Gourmet or similar that water pan keeps temps from skyrocketing. 
  9. 1st Prime Ribs on WSM w/ Qview!!!!

    1st Prime Ribs on WSM w/ Qview!!!!

  10. lucc

    1st Prime Ribs on WSM w/ Qview!!!!

    So, I bascially just followed what Bear has written about smoking prime rib and it didn't disappoint!! I scored the fat on both, then smothered with worchestershire sauce, sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder and minced onion because I didn't have onion powder. Got the WSM up to temp...
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