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  1. Cast_Iron

    Who cuts their own wood? How to organize?

    I agree, but I have such a hard time tossing these speciality woods out for use in a burn barrel and fire pit.
  2. Cast_Iron

    Who cuts their own wood? How to organize?

    I thought about the paint pen, and I know it's a small amount, but I didn't know if the paint would taint the smoke at all.
  3. Cast_Iron

    Who cuts their own wood? How to organize?

    I am lucky enough to live on a large enough property where I cut my own wood for heat and the smoker. I am having trouble keeping all the smoker wood separated and organized (oak, hickory, apple, persimmon, cherry, etc.) Some woods are easy enough to tell apart, but sometime they can be...
  4. Cast_Iron

    Called in sick

    What ya smoking?
  5. Cast_Iron

    Aftermarket Legs for Weber Kettle?

    I just feel like that the legs are made of a very thin walled aluminum. I was hoping they would have made the legs out of something a little heavier.
  6. Cast_Iron

    Aftermarket Legs for Weber Kettle?

    Could you give us more info on how you made these? What diameter are the legs?
  7. Cast_Iron

    Aftermarket Legs for Weber Kettle?

    Does anyone make high quality after market legs for the Weber Kettle? I just purchased the Weber Master Touch and I can't believe how flimsy and cheap the legs are. Surely someone has to make a nice pair of stainless legs for the grill, right? Thanks!
  8. Cast_Iron

    Deer Jerky Marinade/Seasoning

    Need a good recipe or link to a pre-made jerky seasoning mix. I have tried online recipes previously and they haven't been the best. Just ordered a Leggs jerky seasoning and it was way too salty. My wife doesn't like anything too spicy or with too much pepper.
  9. Cast_Iron

    Processing Week 2024....

    Nice job! I was able to bag a doe a few weeks ago. Big cold front moving in tomorrow. Hope on of my shooter bucks cruises by this weekend!
  10. Cast_Iron

    Processing Week 2023...

    Looking forward to your 23-24 season post!
  11. Cast_Iron

    My 90 day free trial to Walmart + ended

    My delivery fee is free since I am a member. All I do is tip my driver since they are driving pretty far and gas is expensive. The tip is well worth the money for me not to load up the kid and head the store. Money well spent imo.
  12. Cast_Iron

    My 90 day free trial to Walmart + ended

    I've had Walmart+ for 1-2 years. We have all our groceries delivered to our house and love it. We have had minor issues with orders/deliveries. Any issues were handled through their online chat and we were given our money back on those item(s).
  13. Cast_Iron

    Meat grinder recommendations.

    I have a 1hp Cabelas Carnivore grinder and really love it. I use it to process deer, pigs, store bought meat, etc and it has been amazing.
  14. Cast_Iron

    Stock Pots--Looking for Quality

    Good point. I may do large batches of tomatoes at some point. I will have to look into stainless pots. Thanks for the input!
  15. Cast_Iron

    Stock Pots--Looking for Quality

    Scalding turkeys, geese, and portions of pigs. Large peanut boils. Seafood boils. Boiling mass amounts of meat at one time for sausage. etc.
  16. Cast_Iron

    Stock Pots--Looking for Quality

    I'm in the market for a giant stock pot. 60-80 qt plus. The ones I have used in the past always seem too flimsy and don't last but a year or two. Does anyone make a top notch stock pot anymore? I am willing to pay for something that the company stands behind and offers a great warranty.
  17. Cast_Iron

    OT--Why No Processing Sub-Forum?

    Why is there not a processing sub-forum? I'm sure folks here may raise and/or hunt their own critters. It would be nice to see the details from field to freezer/plate. It would be nice to see all this info in one spot, versus posted in very specific sub-forums.
  18. Cast_Iron

    Charcoal Grilling--Avoiding Char?

    Hey y'all, I want to buy a Weber Kettle, but I keep reading numerous articles about how charcoaling grilling meat can increase your chance of cancer and other health problems. The article speaks about how the fat from the meat drips down onto the coals and the burnt fat smoke cooks into your...
  19. Cast_Iron

    Sausage Casings--What Ones to Buy?

    What size casings should I get for breakfast sausages and bratwurst? 
  20. Cast_Iron

    Scale Recommendations Please

    Thanks for all the helpful info!