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    KCBS CBJ Class, Monroe, WA

    Date: April 26th, 2014 Location: Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Monroe, WA POC: [email protected] Held in conjunction with the Washington State Spring BBQ Championship and the Evergreen Spring Festival. This class will be run by KCBS Representative and BBQ Judge trainer Mark Simmons. There...
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    Refinshing smoker in off-season

    The pit. Bright sunny day. Firebox - It is raining today The damper I am looking to replace. Scale on the inside of the FB lid.
  3. Refinshing smoker in off-season

    Refinshing smoker in off-season

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    Refinshing smoker in off-season

    Smoker is a trailer mounted horizontal offset rig. The firebox has developed rust and scale(?) through lots of use. What thinking of using a wire wheel or disc sander to remove as much as I can. Then repaint the area. Is there a better way to prevent the rust build up? It is really bad on the...
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    Wood, where, what and why?

    Cherry. Great clean and clear smoke ring in pork. Decent flavor without overpowering. It is also native to this area and reasonably cheap & easy to get. I also like hickory, mesquite, and pecan when I can get them at a reasonable price. My stick burner eats quite a bit of wood so I'll use these...
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    GMG Jim Bowie

    It has been awhile since I've posted up here. We finally pulled the trigger on adding a pellet smoker to our collection. Right now the Bowie is on its legs but will eventually be mounted on our trailer alongside a stick burner. For the winter it will remain off the trailer so we can practice...
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    British Columbia Canada

    Coming up for a cook at the end of June in Langley. Getting wood across the border evidently can be painful. Anyone know of BBQ wood vendors in the Langley area? Looking mainly for splits/rounds of hickory, mesquite, pecan, cherry, etc.
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    Datalogging thermometer

    In competitions the "People's Choice" category is becoming more popular because, well, people smell the smoke and want to eat BBQ. Seriously, having a BBQ event where the public is not allowed to sample is a recipie for disaster. Public sampling is similar to catering just with a smaller budget...
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    Datalogging thermometer

    The local Health District is now requiring food temp logs to be kept on overnight cooks. I understand the whys and the need to prove the meat made it through 40-140 in less than 4 hours and it did not fall back below 140. Just looking for an easier way than staying up all night just for checking...
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    Calibrating the Maverick ET-732

    Fired up my little smoker tonight to smoke up a pork butt. Box thermometer was working fine until I plugged in the meat probe. Temps went kind of haywire the meat probe was reading 100F at an air temp of about 55F. Tried my backup probe with the same effect. Is there a way to calibrate the...
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    Rib help, Having family cookout and need to resolve my problem.

    "I cut membrane from backside and dry rubbed over night." [Emph mine] Depending on your rub that could be your problem. After rinsing, trimming, & drying apply a binder if used then your rub. There are as many ways to cook anything as there are people that cook it. Wrap in plastic wrap and...
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    Brines can be as simple or complex as you want. Since it is your first I recommend you stick with a simple brine. My personal favorite for brining turkey: 2 gallons of clean water1 cup Diamond kosher salt1 cup dark brown sugar2 oranges, quartered2 lemons, quartered6 sprigs thyme4 sprigs...
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    Depends on the context of "in tact".
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    Spiced Rum Recipie

    One of the BBQ sauces I make calls for spiced rum to add a a nice kick in the sauce. After using Captain Jack's and a few others it seemed that these rums were not really that flavorful. So I looked into making my own to impart of better flavor into the end sauce. What I discovered is that this...
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    Holy cow! It was galvanized!?

    Pull the galvzanized metal out. Then take a weed burner to all the surfaces just to be sure. the heat from the weed burner will remove any lingering gas particle hanging around.
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    First cold smoke with the AMAZN smoker

    Yes, it is possible to oversmoke cheese. These cheese sticks formed a tough skin on the exterior. I used cheese sticks because they are cheap. The sticks on top did come out less smoky. I have 3 sticks wrapped up to sit for awhile. Scarbelly is right. Two rows of dust would have been better. I...