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  1. navyfe

    to our patriots

    That was great. I can never watch those tributes enough. Only the people that have been over there can ever discribe what it is like. Thanks for everyones support, thanks and prayers.
  2. navyfe

    GOSM does wonders!!

    Welcome. I have had a charcoal, electric and GOSM - by far love my GOSM. Don't forget some digital thermometers. At least one for the box and 1 for the meat.
  3. navyfe

    A cool way to test meat probe thermometers

    Great Tip!!!
  4. navyfe

    ABT Question

    Which cheese would have the least oil? I did notice that when I made my first batch of ABT's, I did mix some shredded cheddar and they did get a little runny.
  5. navyfe

    GOSM Runs Hot...Thinking of Adding Vent(?)

    Check with a digital thermo. to verify the temp. Sometimes I have to turn the temp knob from high to off to get a low temp / flame for when I am smoking salmon (about 170*). But mine has been off by as much as 40* at higher temps.
  6. navyfe

    ABT Question

    Just picked up some peppers. The only ones I could get from the Farmers Mkt are about 2 1/4" long. Is this about the right size???? Going to give them a try
  7. navyfe

    Propane Genius??????????

    I use one of these. Have had no issues. Picked it up at Lowes for about 17.00 - I also saw them at wally world.
  8. navyfe

    Okie in the house

    Welcome to the SMF.
  9. navyfe

    ABT Question

    Thanks everybody!!! Will give these suckers a try this weekend - will post the pics - good or bad. Planning on using cream cheese - but see that some of you use cheddar. Do you grate it up and mix with other ingredients???
  10. navyfe

    ABT Question

    Going to try these this weekend. Have not decided how to stuff them - but will experiment. The question is - can you vacuum seal them and frezze? Plan on smoking them for about 3 hours. thanks
  11. navyfe

    New Member

    Welcome to the SMF. Wealth of info here - and great people
  12. navyfe

    Smoked Eggs

    If you like eggs, these are great. Hard boiled and peeled. Place them on the smoker and cold smoke for about an hour. I use a small allum drip pan and place about 3-4 charcoal bricks (I used matchlite). Once they are ashed over, cover with wood chips and sit back and have a brew. Temp on...
  13. navyfe

    Atomic buffalo turds

    Quick question on these suckers: 1. At what temp do you smoke them and for how long (water pan or not?) 2. Do you precook the bacon at all Thanks
  14. navyfe

    GOSM question

    Wish I would have got the bigger one. But now I have an excuse to buy another
  15. navyfe

    Outstanding Cheese

    The meatloaf was GREAT. Never thought of my making my own cheese Debi...will have to give that a try. Believe it or not....I need to try a fatty. Have read about them here, and going to give it a try - maybe use some of the smoked cheese
  16. navyfe

    Blonde Golfer

    Big laugh
  17. navyfe


    Here is a link to my first time meatloaf. Used 90% lean beef. Turned out pretty good. The only thing that I will modify next time is using less bread crumbs, But also got a thin mesh rack at Lowes an put meatloaf on that.
  18. navyfe

    Today's Mission

    Looking forward to finished feast
  19. navyfe

    First time Brisket - is done when it's done

    Great info. Getting ready to my first brisket sooon.
  20. navyfe

    I'm new and need a little help!

    I got mine at Walmart. I have had both the charcoal and electric. I am very pleased with the gas. As far as the thermometers go - I have 3 digital ones. 2 wireless and one regular. I use the regular one and attach it to the smoker for internal box temp. The others for the food. Will end up...