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  1. baboy


    i was working on a project that caramelizing the sweetened condensed milk and then pouching it to eliminate the need for the individual stores cooking #10 cans of sweetened condensed milk for hours to make this. Received a 50 gallon drum of sweetened condensed milk to caramelize in a large...
  2. baboy

    Venison summer sausage using the smoker and sous vide

    Looks great, I used to smoke my braunsweiger start to finish in the smoker but now do it like you did. the end product is much better.
  3. baboy

    Smoked meatloaf Sandwiches oh so good

    I love patty melts and this look sublime. Never thought of using a meatloaf slice as the "patty" Maybe try some smoked Gouda on it
  4. baboy

    New guy from Colorado

    Where in Colorado do all of you live? I am up in Westminster.
  5. baboy

    Two Small Smoked Hams

    Interesting that Pops wet cure brine calls for 1 TBS of cure #1 per gallon compared to 4 oz per 1.25 gallons in your brine. Quite a difference there.
  6. baboy

    Picked up a Craigslist Slicer

    it is very heavy, this is a picture of one on ebay with what I believe to be original color
  7. baboy

    Picked up a Craigslist Slicer

    Dave, thanks for the information, the slicer is cast iron and had been previously painted so it should be ok. I will keep this in mind because I also have an older buffalo chopper that has an aluminum base and housing.
  8. baboy

    Picked up a Craigslist Slicer

    Found this baby on craigslist for $190. I cleaned it up and painted the casting a gloss black. I believe it is from the 40's or 50's and has all the original parts as far as I can tell. The gears look great and the motor runs quiet, now I need something to slice. I have a presto 10" slicer but...
  9. baboy

    Costco's vs Sam's club

    I shop at both as they are equal distance from our house. I love the self checkout at Sams and the lines are much shorter and not as crowded. The Sams club by us sells beef cheeks, tripe, tongue, and some other cuts that are not at Costco. Beef cheeks in the instant pot are to die for.
  10. baboy

    Anyone watching The Butcher on History channel ?

    Thanks for sharing about this, need to look it up online since no cable anymore. Back in Wisconsin we would butcher our pigs and chickens at my friends farm.
  11. baboy

    Salmon Question re Oil

    I was up in Alaska at a Salmon cannery for work and the parts not used or wasted were cooked up in a large pressure cooker and then the resulting liquid was ran through a centrifuge to collect the oil. lots of totes full of oil. Most of the roe was salted and sent down a chute to be cleaned...
  12. baboy

    Is there an electric smoker that will go low enough to smoke cheese too?

    i also use the A-Maze-N-Tube, works best with the mailbox mod to keep the temperatures down. I don't usually smoke cheese when it is hot do large batches in the fall, winter, and early spring.
  13. baboy

    Cold Smoked Deviled Eggs

    Those look great, need to make some and also some of those Amish mustard eggs. My wife only wants those cage free organic eggs at the store so when my friend back in Wisconsin started raising some egg layers at the farm we bough his eggs for a couple of years beautiful colored yolks. One day...
  14. baboy

    SV Gizzards and Hearts

    Someone Say Gizzards!!!
  15. baboy

    Sodium TriPolyPhosphate

    Not saying they are not usefull but they are always trying to sell as much water as possible.
  16. baboy

    Big Cheese Smoke

    Looks great, agree on letting it rest for awhile for the best taste. When I went back to Wisconsin for a work trip and I drove from Colorado just so I could bring back lots of cheese to smoke.
  17. baboy

    how to prepare fresh pork liver

    Thanks, Hated beef liver as a kid, my parents would buy these big cream puffs from the German restaurant for desert and when we saw those in the refrigerator we knew what was coming up for dinner. Now I still can't eat them as their own meal but when made into a pate or a sausage I can eat them.
  18. baboy

    My first time at making Lebanon Bologna

    Looks good, my wife is from Tarlac city and I hope to someday teach my in laws how to smoke meats and start up a business. Nice to see filipinos on this forum, is there a local place where you get casings and curing salts?
  19. baboy

    Breakfast Quiche W/ Homemade Dried Beef...WOW!! (W/ Pics)

    Looks great, did you make the dried beef yourself? Around the holidays in Wisconsin we would use dried beef to make cheeseballs and when I moved to Denver last year I had to go to a couple of stores just to find it. Next year will make my own but you have kick started that into the near future...
  20. baboy

    Making bacon first time

    I use Pops brine for around 14 days hang to dry and then smoke. This bacon was from Costco bellies. Had to trim the sides to make it across my slicer.