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  1. aeroforce100

    Please help with smoke vault 24"

    I think this is what you are looking for.
  2. aeroforce100

    What temp for smoking jerky?

    R for Race!
  3. aeroforce100

    Globe slicer score

    Very Nice!  You will be very happy with it.
  4. aeroforce100

    Found my next smoker

    If you take a look at what has been sold, the prices are between $89.49 and 99.49.
  5. aeroforce100

    Displaced in Alabama

    Welcome!  BTW, it's not too far from Montgomery to Memphis, another BBQ Mecca.
  6. aeroforce100

    A tree took out my firebox... OKJoe smoker

    Was that your tree that fell, or your neighbor's tree?
  7. aeroforce100

    Help a college student with his "USA of BBQ" trip this summer! (Best sauces, where to find them, and

    Decatur, Al.  Big Bob Gibson's.   On 6th Ave almost directly across from the U-Haul place.   Make sure you try the Alabama White Sauce.
  8. aeroforce100

    Vault smoker, smoke issues

    As thethree esteemed gentlemen ahead of me said,  use wood chunks.  I have had my SV for 5 yrs, and have always used chunks, not a bad smoke yet,  TBS every time.
  9. aeroforce100

    Crimped Thermometer wires - any solutions?

    Good Idea, but what do you do for the IT?
  10. aeroforce100

    Bear meat question?

    Yes, people do eat bear.  Consider it revenge for bears that eat people.
  11. aeroforce100

    Is a reverse switch important?

    Have you tried storing  your grinding plates in a plastic container filled with rice?
  12. aeroforce100

    Old fashion cut of meat question?

    Maybe a Crown roast?
  13. aeroforce100

    I wanna pop my cherry

    Hi,  Welcome to the asylum! First thing I would do is  the "Needle Valve Mod".  This will give you much better control over your temperatures.  Just do a search fro needle valve mod, you can get what you need from these folks:   Not affiliated, just a...
  14. aeroforce100

    Campfire toast or yard art, you decide!

    That's funny.  That is what I do with live ones.
  15. aeroforce100

    Black Friday Sales Announcements and Finds

    Gander Mountain has a 5# stuffer, dehydrator, slicer, food sealer  for $49.99 EACH
  16. aeroforce100

    Travelling and need your advise

    Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur, Alabama. Dreamland BBQ in  Birmingham, AL
  17. aeroforce100

    Cleaning racks for your smoker.

    You could always put them in your oven on cleaning cycle, maybe once every six months or so.
  18. aeroforce100

    Great deal on a Foodsaver 3880, $80 all in

    Well, I just checked my order status.  The bastids cancelled my order.  I also posted the saga on Facebook.
  19. aeroforce100

    Great deal on a Foodsaver 3880, $80 all in

    Yeah, I got the same email, but when I went to the foodsaver site and checked  the "Wheres my order" button, it said it is processing, for what ever that is worth.  I'll check for a few more days, and also keep an eye on my Paypal acct..  If not, I'll stick with my vacmaster as well.