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  1. BarbarianFoodie

    Smoked beef chuck

    After a hour had to move a few away from the heat
  2. BarbarianFoodie

    Smoked beef chuck

    I'm shooting for a smoke at 250° until I hit stall around 170- 180, then I'm going to be putting them in aluminum pans with onions peppers celery beef broth red wine and Worcestershire sauce cover in foil and take them to 190-210 when they are tender to the probe they will come out to rest.
  3. BarbarianFoodie

    Smoked beef chuck

    Hey all Barbarian here checking in. It's been a while, I hope everyone has been good. Any ways Mrs Barbarian...(she would kill me if she see me calling her barbarian) has a nephew getting hitched here soon and we were asked to smoke up some beef so here it is fellas I seasoned it up last night...
  4. BarbarianFoodie

    Welcome to Our Newest and Youngest Member

    Welcome Ryder! Always great to have the next generation learning the art!
  5. BarbarianFoodie

    Pulled Beef

    Looks amazing Jake, I just peeked on here to read a bit on how everyone is doing pulled beef and up pops your post lol. I have about 300 lbs to smoke for a wedding coming up in Oct. Was planning on smoking until stall then panning them with sliced onions, peppers and beef broth and take them...
  6. BarbarianFoodie

    A Few Cooks.......

    Looks amazing, I've never tried the pickle brine before, looks like I have to add that to the bucket list lol. Good job man!
  7. BarbarianFoodie

    # 32 manual grinder help

    Yes the knife was cutting edge against plate, when the meat actually got there it cut fine, just most of the time the meat stopped moving half way between the hopper and the knife and plate,
  8. BarbarianFoodie

    # 32 manual grinder help

    It's a hand crank so no lol I can crank it either way
  9. BarbarianFoodie

    # 32 manual grinder help

    Hey guys, I recently picked up a chicago food machinery #32 stainless manual meat grinder and when I went to try and grind some meat, it really wouldn't feed worth a hoot. Now I have used several different grinders over the years and have never had the problems this one gave me. The meat was...
  10. BarbarianFoodie

    First Pork Shoulder in MES

    Hey ya'll, Got a free MES to play with not sure the #. I did a dry run yesterday and decided to try it with some pulled pork, so here it is. Just so you can see what I'm working with Scored the shoulder, dry rubbed and placed it in the fridge overnight, preheated the smoker for a hour and got...
  11. BarbarianFoodie

    Beer Glass Burgers!

    Wow! Looks amazing, I'm definitely going to have to try that!
  12. BarbarianFoodie

    Masterbuilt MES 800 2.5?

    Hey ya'll, just picked up a new addition to the collection, a Masterbuilt 20071514 My brother in law got it from I guy for $20 Sent it home with me to see if it works lol. On the initial test run I found that the control temperature read higher than actual by around 25 degrees f. Did a little...
  13. BarbarianFoodie

    Grilled Alaskan Silver Salmon

    Hey guys it's been awhile, Thought I would make some taste buds water a bit. My father caught some silvers when he was up in Alaska and was kind enough to leave a few with me. So I filleted one out and coated it generously with my signature rub,(salt, brown sugar, garlic, onion, achiote...
  14. BarbarianFoodie

    Pecan Beef Back Ribs, ABT's, Smoked Beans, Andouille Sausage And Tater Salad

    Looks great Jake! I'll have to try berries in my next batch of smoked beans!
  15. BarbarianFoodie

    First attempt at fatties

    Thanks everybody, Lol sorry, South Dakota is a ways away from San Diego
  16. BarbarianFoodie

    First attempt at fatties

    Thanks guys! I definitely understand the hype now that I've had them, couldn't hardly get to sleep last night with all the different ideas for stuffing ingredients lol
  17. BarbarianFoodie

    First attempt at fatties

    Well, after seeing all the mouth watering pictures of fatties on this site I thought I would give it a go First I wove up some apple wood bacon then put it in the fridge to stiffen back up Then I rolled out a mixture of 60% ground beef and 30% seasoned pork sausage Topped it off with the...
  18. BarbarianFoodie

    Smoked Tri-Tip(Reverse Sear)

    Looks delicious Jake!
  19. BarbarianFoodie

    Smoked pork loin pita wraps

    For those that were wondering, smoked at 225° F for 2.25 hours over maple rested for 30 min or so while I finished up the veggies
  20. BarbarianFoodie

    Smoked pork loin pita wraps

    Rub* still the fat was like pig candy