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  1. helljack6

    brisket for work

    Heck, do brisket again, this time though, run it through a meat slicer set to the thin setting, it'll come out similar to pulled pork. Pulled brisket is an awesome flavor.
  2. helljack6

    Will my butt thaw??

    I'll have to find it when I get home since I can't see crap like that behind a government firewall so I have absolutely no clue what you're showing me at the moment.
  3. helljack6

    1st Pulled Pork - Need some input

    Vacuum sealing works wonders, I have to agree. Also makes reheating a snap as you can just take the vacuum sealed pouch and put it in water and warm it up without drying it out. Regarding my other post comment, don't throw technicals into BBQ, they have no place. If you want to get technical...
  4. helljack6

    Quick questions from a newbie

    Gas is safer? yeah I suppose you can't blow up with a big bag of charcoal whether it be a house or an apartment. Charcoal only burns as hot as it can based on a couple different factors: 1. fuel load 2. current rate of burn 3. amount of oxygen allowed in to feed current rate of burn
  5. helljack6

    1st Pulled Pork - Need some input

    roughly was the key word when I wrote that. call it what you will, I just said I did it. pulled pork wasn't the only meat being served that day so 3.2oz or WHATEVER it was they got, went far enough. I'm not here to bash anyone's math skills, but if you're going to "break down" my method, perhaps...
  6. helljack6

    Will my butt thaw??

    Hmmmm, it's not safe? Someone should tell that to Alton Brown because pretty much where I got that from and I've never had a problem with it. If it wasn't a safe process, I'm sure food network wouldn't have allowed him to air that particular episode during the holiday season. Just saying so you...
  7. helljack6

    direct flow vs. reverse flow?

    I have a RF offset with split top/bottom doors and here's what I can tell you: 1. I have consistent temps throughout my cook chamber (3 separate therms all within 5 degrees of each other) 2. Based on the construction, the lower corner opposite of the firebox (trailing edge of the RF plate)...
  8. helljack6

    First Smoke on Reverse Flow soon...wood questions

    I start my RF with just regular wood and some kindling. Get it going and slowly start adding larger splits into the fire. Leave the FB door and intakes wide open and feed the fire until I have flames going about 3-5ft out of the FB. Then I shut the door and let the temp start coming up, as it...
  9. helljack6

    Will my butt thaw??

    If you need to thaw under water, a trick I learned with Turkeys will help you. Set it in the sink under your faucet and turn on a SLOW drip of cool water, one drop every couple of seconds, so that the drop hits the meat and rolls over and off. works like a charm in a couple of hours.
  10. helljack6

    Newbie wants to try an 11 lb boneless pork shoulder

    Sounds like you suffering from digital temperatures paranoia. Something you'll get used to using a digi-therm. Digi-therms are HIGHLY sensitive and register even the slightest deviation in temperature. The thing is, as long as you're "in the zone" so to speak, you're smoking. Don't worry if your...
  11. helljack6

    Second attempt at barbecued ribs

    Nice spare ribs. I've always wanted to try a Bradley smoker, I hear good things about them. I read that you're a newbie, well, I don't buy that from the looks of the pictures you're posting. But if you insist, about a year and a half ago when I was very active here, I wrote a rib primer after...
  12. helljack6

    Foiling....Yes or No?

    Nope, still do the ribs at 210, 5.5 hours, no foil, no flipping, butt arse nekkid, the Mike Mills way. Anything else I cook, is dependent only on the time frame in which I need it done in. I've done brisket in 4.5 hours and I've done them in 18 hours, just a matter of how I feel. As for foil, I...
  13. helljack6

    cleaning under the reverse flow plate...........

    pull my smoker into the car wash, shoot her down with water and then 7 cans of easy off oven spray and she comes out looking just like new.
  14. helljack6

    1st Pulled Pork - Need some input

    If you have a Sam's near where you live, they generally sell 18-20lb packages of pork butt. Don't be alarmed because 1.) it's actually two separate pieces split down the middle and packaged together, and 2.) depending on how large of sammiches you want your guests to have, even after cook...
  15. helljack6

    Foiling....Yes or No?

    I see foiling as a technique, when used properly it can decrease your overall cook time but at a price of another characteristic of the meat that you're cooking. An alternative to foiling, simply increasing temp. Now before anyone jumps in and says that's not BBQ or that's not normal, I'll have...
  16. helljack6

    to water pan or to not H20 pan in UDS

    It will hold temps about the same with or with out, what you WILL see out of it is not nearly drastic temp spikes and a longer heat up time since you're having to heat the mass body of water as well. UDS weren't designed to have water pans in them because they're already inherently a moist...
  17. helljack6

    Ribs Smokenator + 3 - 2 - 1 Method : Results = tough meat

    Not that anyone cares, but I cook my ribs per Mike Mills, 210 degrees for 5.5 hours, unfoiled. Comes out right every time, 180-190 between the bones with a slight tug and no shiners. Cook them the way you like to suit your tastes, screw the rest and all their fancy cooking methods; do what works...
  18. helljack6

    Ribs: Time vsTemp

    Particular cuts of meat cook differently depending on if you're cooking for a) time or b) temp. An example as you have already guessed, would be brisket. 195-200 for pulling, 205 for slicing (no i'm not quoting actual temps, i'm just throwing those out there as an example as I cook Brisket via...
  19. helljack6

    minion method help

    No need to apologize, it happens. Everyone has a different way of "speaking" as well as "interpretation of written words" and I understand that. Your burn times BEFORE identifying your original issue are REALLY good considering you're using Lump/Charcoal (that's what I was originally trying to...
  20. helljack6

    Dual Chickens in the UDS

    Q View!!!!