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  1. Titch

    Fat Dog Birthday Fajitas On The Flat Top (Q-View)

    Thumbs up post mate, nice looking feed
  2. Titch

    Smoked Lamb Shank on Bulgur

    Thank you Lambs as Therapy? I rubbed the Shanks with Mustard Sauce and a light dusting of a Braii seasoning from our Aldi
  3. Titch

    Smoked Lamb Shank on Bulgur

    One of my favourite things to BBQ. Lamb shanks from Costco, very meaty Smoked at around 120c for about 6 hours. Used Banksia Pods to give a beach fire taste Wrapped for last hour to stop overcooking We served this over Bulgur with mint and Peas Banksia Pod, not pine cone...
  4. Titch

    Help and advice on the build

    Are you wanting to cold smoke or hot smoke? What area are you in?
  5. Titch

    Simple Hot Dog from Saveloy

  6. Titch

    Simple Hot Dog from Saveloy

    lets see if this is what you want I must acknowledge the source of my first inspiration for home made Savs. Mountain Mick ( deceased and Missed) from the Australian BBQ forum A saveloy is a type of highly seasoned pork sausage, usually bright red in colour, which is served in English fish and...
  7. Titch

    Kabanosy Bites

    Looks tasty,Finger food :emoji_thumbsup: I googled Hank Shaw, he does a lot of very interesting stuff
  8. Titch

    Outback’s Alice Springs Wild Turkey/Chicken

    I was in Alice Springs 6 months ago, I wish I had found food as good looking as that while I was there. That looks tasty indeed
  9. Titch


    Thanks for the recipe
  10. Titch

    Oxtail and ribs

    Looks good, what do you mean by Stringy? Sinew? or did it need cooking longer
  11. Titch

    Simple Hot Dog from Saveloy

    Be on it tomorrow, bed time
  12. Titch

    Simple Hot Dog from Saveloy

    Thanks, which recipe, Sav I assume
  13. Titch

    Picture Test

  14. Titch

    Simple Hot Dog from Saveloy

    This belong here? Home made Saveloy,bread roll
  15. Titch

    Featured Iowa Cheesesteak Delights

    Looks lovely, but, my arteries let out a shriek, I would be all over that
  16. Titch

    Quarantine Beef Short Rib and Porchini Ragu (picture heavy)

    That looks pretty good from here,
  17. Titch

    Chocolate espresso rubbed beef cheeks and more (Pic Heavy)

    Great post, love Beef cheeks and they look very good Tongue next if you love the cheeks, less crud to trim off :emoji_thumbsup:
  18. Titch

    How do I make Lamb Spit Gyro/Yiros ?

    Yep Dandenong area vic This forum has more than just American Bbq,thats what is attractive about it
  19. Titch

    How do I make Lamb Spit Gyro/Yiros ?

    Look forward to your cook :emoji_thumbsup:
  20. Titch

    How do I make Lamb Spit Gyro/Yiros ?

    So, did you end up doing this? Folks, this member (jabiru) is from South Australia, home of some of the best lamb in Australia. Get some salt Bush in ya Make sure you get some Disks, makes carving as you go very simple, also great for presentation. or make your own
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