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  1. richoso1

    A few pics from my mini garden

    I decided to take some pics today, my plants have been in the ground for about three weeks now. The Serranos are coming on strong, this is a in-my-face because Gloria bought some generic Serranos and they took like crazy. These were planted last year. As I stated, it's my mini garden, fresh...
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  11. richoso1

    KINGSFORD BLUE ON SALE $7.97 for 40 lbs.

    Al, thanks for the posting. I was just going to post the same ad. Get it while you can. It's all good my friend.
  12. richoso1

    Grinding Pepper with a blender, Pics

    Welcome to the SMF, your avatar looks familiar. I also use a dedicated spice grinder, and I also just pulse it. I've noticed that over grinding can change the color of the spice mix. I'm not sure about the taste, as I've never intentionally used the grinder for more than 4-5 seconds at a time...
  13. richoso1

    A tale of two Creole Mustards

    Al, I did try it on pieces of bread, and slices of andouille sausage, the results were the same. I didn't mention it because I didn't have the pics to back it up. Sorry about that...
  14. richoso1

    A tale of two Creole Mustards

    While searching for a good mustard to use in a cajun recipe, I bought two different mustards. The looks and taste were so different, I thought I'd mention here. By the oic, you can tell that the Zatarains is more grainy and lighter in color. I used a piece of smoked Monterey pepperjack in the...
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    Creole mustards.jpg

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    Creole mustards.jpg

  19. richoso1

    Smokin' Thighs

  20. richoso1

    Smokin' Thighs

    Seaside Poultry Brine   Per Gal. Of Water:   ½ cup kosher salt ½ cup brown sugar 6 heaping tbsp of Crab/shrimp boil mix  6 whole pods of NM green chile roasted and peeled w/out stems.   Boil and stir well, then put brine in fridge to cool. Add poultry when brine has cooled. Brine...