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  1. 02ebz06

    Hello from Freeport, Kansas!

    Greetings Robert, welcome to the community from New Mexico.
  2. 02ebz06

    What are you listening to ?

    Willie still performing ??? Watched a special honoring him a few weeks back and he didn't look so good.
  3. 02ebz06

    Combo Grill suggestions

    As @jcam222 said, a pellet grill is a good option. Gives you the option of doing overnight cooks also. If you want to stick with gas, Grilla Grills Primate has a large cooking surface, 4 burners, and comes with a griddle. As always, what you get depends on budget...
  4. 02ebz06

    Smoke Vault Lessons Learned

    Looks like you did quite a bit. Waiting to hear how much of an improvement they made.
  5. 02ebz06

    New member from Wisconsin

    Greetings Todd, welcome to the group from a Cheesehead, now in New Mexico.
  6. 02ebz06

    Blast from the past

    Those are oldies...
  7. 02ebz06

    What are you listening to ?

    Right now Steve Miller - Space Cowboy. Listening to random artists from my music server.
  8. 02ebz06

    First attempt making sausage

    I've been toying with the idea of doing the same thing. I have 30#'s of pork, 12#'s of beef, and about 10#'s of pork fat. Best of luck...
  9. 02ebz06

    Featured 1st Lockhart-style sausage

    Look terrific! Nicely done...
  10. 02ebz06


    @yankee2bbq 's post on smashburgers got my taste buds fired up so decided some Oklahoma Smashburgers would take care of that. Besides, I needed to try out the grill since I converted it to NG. :emoji_laughing: Simple ingredients: 1 lb ground brisket (referred to GB from here on) 3 TBSP Panko...
  11. 02ebz06

    Should I smoke a while Chicken?

    Are you going for how good the bird looks once smoked or how it tastes? I've heard that beer can chicken is not that good. The can prevents heat from getting to the inside. After hearing that I just used the rack without the can. Whether true or not, I decided to error on the side of caution...
  12. 02ebz06

    Non fat dried milk

    The thing about on-line videos is they will say "this product" is better than "that product". And they will give you a link to where you can buy the product with a code imbedded in the link so they make money. Basically they are salesmen for the product, so you have to take that into...
  13. 02ebz06

    A New Build: 24x30 Vertical Offset - A Custom Build For JLeonard!

    I thought that might be the case. You need some clearance as well from the handle when it is open, to top of bucket. EDIT: I went and measured. I have about 18" clearance from bottom of pit to shelf. 3" nipple screwed into bottom of pit, 3-1/4" valve screwed on to nipple, and 6" nipple screwed...
  14. 02ebz06

    Is Berkshire Pork Back Fat Good?

    I Googled it. $50 for 5 pounds. Pretty pricy.
  15. 02ebz06

    Jalapeno/Pepperjack Sourdough

    I keep 95% of my baking supplies in the freezer. 50# bags of flour go into freezer initially, then in to bins on wheels.
  16. 02ebz06

    Jalapeno/Pepperjack Sourdough

    Don't forget the bench knife and cooling rack. And you can up your game with some "enabler" tools - Brod & Taylor proofer and their Sourdough Home.
  17. 02ebz06

    A New Build: 24x30 Vertical Offset - A Custom Build For JLeonard!

    On a more serious note.. Don't know if you have the height to do this, but this is how I installed the ball valve on my LSG. It's 1-1/4" pipe and I drilled and tapped a hole in the side to hang a bucket. Lowes has the PitBoss Buckets & Liners.
  18. 02ebz06

    LSG 20x42 Pellet Grill Early Review

    Yoder uses a modified Fireboard controller too I believe. I just had to have mine replaced. It croaked in the middle of a cook. Fireboard service is great. Very quick response. Fairly new to pellet grills, but LSG has been around for quite a while. Don't see then going anywhere. Yoder was...
  19. 02ebz06

    How would you complement Pulled pork in apple juice?

    Here's a finishing sauce... Sauce
  20. 02ebz06

    Show me your poor man's Cambro. What do you rest your meats in?

    I have a cloth insulated pizza delivery case. About 18" wide and 30-36" long. Works great for FTC.