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  1. HalfSmoked

    Early Early Early Notice of Central Pa Gathering

    Well, the dates are set for September 13th - 15th mark your calendars. Warren
  2. HalfSmoked

    Featured A couple thick strips please!

    Great looking plate Steve steaks may be a tad over done for though. Warren
  3. HalfSmoked

    Calling pity party of one….Pity party of one!

    Great sprinkled on French fry's even popcorn. Warren
  4. HalfSmoked

    Beautiful Sunday here

    That cooler comes from the era when they made good stuff. Warren
  5. HalfSmoked

    Really like this thermometer from inkbird!

    I've had inbird products for a while now and with no fail just a great product. Warren
  6. HalfSmoked

    Calling pity party of one….Pity party of one!

    In Maryland it's used on everything mixed in flour for frying anything. Warren
  7. HalfSmoked

    Time to try Sauerkraut

    We like just plain kraut no extra's such as caraway seeds. Prefer right out of the package no rinse. Warren
  8. HalfSmoked

    Calling pity party of one….Pity party of one!

    Awesome plate how was the shrimp? I have 2 granddaughters to do the prom thing ones 14 the other 4 all the others have done their thing. Now the grates are lining with the 2 oldest 8. Warren
  9. HalfSmoked

    Time to try Sauerkraut

    Has anyone posted a kraut recipe salt to cabbage racino? You got my interest up to make some. Warren
  10. HalfSmoked

    Whole pig and chicken

    Awesome party Warren
  11. HalfSmoked

    Greetings From Canada

    Welcome from Maryland's Eastern Shore you have come to the learning school. Warren
  12. HalfSmoked

    Mediterranean Chicken

    Awesome job and an all-round great job. Warren
  13. HalfSmoked

    Featured First spit-roasted pig

    In the Navey they say any port in a storm, and you did great in adjusting to what happen. Great job and smart to do a trial run. Order your pig in advance and get it done the way you need it. Warren
  14. HalfSmoked

    Pork Rind Question

    Yup let them float just like anything else you would deep fry. Warren
  15. HalfSmoked

    Free Test for INKBIRD 3 in 1Wifi Sous Vide Water Oven with Rack Divider and 14 Preset Recipes

    I'm interested in giving it a try haven done any sous vi Warren
  16. HalfSmoked

    Freezing pulled pork.

    Yup I agree with the information given you and as said reheat in the bag. Warren
  17. HalfSmoked

    Brining Fresh Hocks

    I'm another vote for Pop's Brine. Warren
  18. HalfSmoked

    pork ribs

    Yes I have used pear. Warren
  19. HalfSmoked

    French Onion Stuffed Pork loin smoked and Hassleback potatoes and stuffed sweet peppers

    Wow awesome results of a fine day of fun. Looks like a great meal. Warren
  20. HalfSmoked

    pork ribs

    My choice most of the time is apple. Warren