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  1. gotarace

    MES Customer Support (or should I say LACK OF)

    I have read people get quicker and better responses from Masterbuilt when they message them on their Facebook page. Give it a Try is better than no reply at all.
  2. gotarace

    Prayers for Pops Updated 7/11/19 post #135

    Heal Quickly Pops....Prayers and Positive Vibes Sent!!!
  3. gotarace

    AMPS - Won't Stay Lit (Multiple Attempts)

    X2 with the dust...never a problem lighting it ...even though i've had good luck with the pellets on long cold smokes. But I prefer the flavor of the dust to pellets also.
  4. gotarace


    I have a load of cukes right now...I'm going to give this a try. Thanks Al...
  5. gotarace

    Disco fried rice

    That really looks Fantastic...I really need to pick one of these up. :)
  6. gotarace

    Bears’ 48th Anniversary (Beef Tenderloin Dinner—AKA Fillet Mignon)

    John ...first off congratulations on 48 years with your beautiful bride. Second that meal looks fantastic...tenderloin was a great choice and it looks like your nailed it!!!  Hope you have a great Christmas and Birthday.  Len
  7. gotarace

    MeS 30" 20070910 (SMOKE ISSUE?) Need some help...

    Sometimes you have to adjust your tabs holding the chip tray lower to get the tray closer to the element. You will get the best smoke when the element is in a heat cycle. Years ago I bought a Amazen smoke generator and never looked back...I personally love the sawdust for these smoke...
  8. gotarace

    Prime Rib on MES

    Looks Delicious. We love smoked Prime Rib at my house also. If they were cheaper I would make one every Sunday!!  Nice looking meal!!!
  9. gotarace

    New Masterbuilt Electric and new to the Forums!

    Hi and Welcome to SMF   I"m sure if you post your questions in the electric smoker section of the forum you will get all the answers you need. Were a friendly bunch and love to help each other. Looking forward to seeing you around the site. Len
  10. gotarace

    Pork Tenderloin, Creamed Spinach, Black Eyed Peas & Garlic Toast

    Great looking meal right there. That spinach looks a bit to green for Double up the pea's for me please..  
  11. gotarace

    MES 30 Sportsman Elite Non Window Chip Question

    I have seen people who can't get their chips to smoke well having to bend the tabs holding their smoking tray down to get the tray closer to the heating element. As far as white smoke i believe that comes from using too many wood chips and lack of airflow. A few chips goes a long way and I'm a...
  12. gotarace

    SQWIBS Urban Garden Adventure

    Unreal thread have taken urban gardening to a completely new level. Thanks for sharing this...great thread!!  
  13. gotarace

    MES30 High Temp Problem

    Sounds like one of the sensors went bad in the body of the smoker. The way the body is insulated under the back panel it could be quite a chore to replace it. Did you try cleaning both the sensors on the back wall of your smoker? If you search PID control in the search bar this may be a option...
  14. gotarace

    Brisket on the Rec Tec

    Great looking smoke right there. Your brisket and beans both look excellent!!
  15. gotarace

    Roast beef sammies on homemade buns

    Oh Baby that looks Fantastic...been a while since i smoked a tenderloin but after seeing this it will be in the near future, Thanks for sharing is lunch time here and now the belly is really Growling. 
  16. gotarace

    Bad luck on Amazin pellets again.

    Dave try the dust from Amazen. It has a more consistent burn and burns easier. I love the dust in my AMPS is my preferred fuel in my trays.
  17. gotarace

    PERFECT RIBS EVERY TIME! This really works!

    Ribs look Fantastic Al !!!  I'll give your method a try my next rack of ribs. I've been very happy with the ribs i cook but this looks very solid. What happened to your WSM? I never thought i would see a different smoker in your arsenal.  
  18. gotarace

    I'm back! At least for a little while

    Hi Al !! Nice to see a familiar face. Glad you found your way has been a while!!
  19. gotarace

    Double Smoked Ham (Bear Style)

    Looks Fantastic John...did you save me a piece? Those double smoked hams are tough to beat...the only way I like them anymore.  Like the six rack option Masterbuilt has in the 40 now. Would work well making jerky on Q-mats.  Hope you had a great Holiday Season at the Bear's Den!! Len
  20. gotarace

    hello everyone

    Hi My Place Welcome to the Forum ..  Hope To see you posting around the site. Great bunch of smokers here and everyone is quick to answer any questions you have. Were glad you found the site!! Len