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  1. gunslinger

    Smoked Pork Chile Rellenos

    Oh my goodness them look friggin' amazing.
  2. gunslinger

    Happy Birthday Gunslinger & beretta92_fs2003

    Thanks for the wellwishes folks. Dawn, nothing gets by you, does it?
  3. gunslinger

    Cures for Sausage

    Pink curing salt = .04 oz by weight per lb of meat. It's the most accurate method of adding cure. Throw the measuring spoons away for cure.
  4. gunslinger

    Tried making jerky and failed

    I know nothing about a GOSM, but any smoker will work. I dry mine at temps between 90 and 110° for a couple hours, then add smoke for about 2 or 3 hours, then continue to dry until I like it. Which is still moist on the inside. Hence the cure. Don't smoke too long or that's exactly what you'll...
  5. gunslinger

    Tried making jerky and failed

    So don't use TQ. Use Prague #1. .04 oz per lb is all it takes, and it has 0 effect on saltiness. Didn't we have to discussion somewhere else?
  6. gunslinger

    Andouille help please.

    I love Andouille sausage. So I'd like to try and make some. BUT, I would like to try to make it like Chef Paul Prudhomme's, which has potatoes and onions in it. Has anyone made it like this or have a recipe for it? Also, where would a guy from Missouri find sugar cane? Does it really matter...
  7. gunslinger

    new to the forum - question re pellet parts

    I'm pretty sure the auger turns all the time, feeding pellets constantly. It just turns at a different speed, depending on the amount of heat required. I may be wrong though. I have a question for you pellet heads. What is used for a binder in the pellets? How is the saw dust held together? I...
  8. gunslinger

    Emeril makes Pasties

    Back in the 70's, I lived in Traverse City for 2 years, and then another year in 1985, and was always under the impression that pasties originated in Mackinac Island, hence the name "Mackinac pasties." I learned something new today.
  9. gunslinger

    anyone interested in wood ?

    A rick is 1/3 of a cord. For purposes of selling firewood, the standard length of a stick is 16 inches long. You will see it longer or even shorter, but the standard is 16 inches. So a cord can be measured as 3 rows wide (or 4 feet) by 4 feet tall by 8 feet long, or 128 cubic feet. A rick (or a...
  10. gunslinger

    Any Tips on Smoking Boneless Skinless Turkey Breasts

    I misread this post. I thought we were talking about chicken breast. No wonder I got confused when the replies were about turkey breast. I guess what I do would also work on turkey breast, but I don't think a "chunk" of pork loin would work very well. Maybe the whole loin.
  11. gunslinger

    Any Tips on Smoking Boneless Skinless Turkey Breasts

    I have never had luck with any butterball on my smoker. Since I'm out of the slaughter bird processing business, I buy minimally processed poultry, brine over night and smoke. For breast, I like to butterfly them, spread bacon grease in the middle, sprinkle with my favorite rub, roll up and...
  12. gunslinger

    I have yet another question for you guys.

    I honestly don't know how to answer this other than to say, of the nut woods, I believe hickory to be the sweetest and of the hickoy, I KNOW shagbark is the sweetest. Native hill folk have known this for generations and because of this, shagbark has become the rarest of wild nut woods here in...
  13. gunslinger

    First sourdough attempt q-view

    I think Abigail's beer bread is pretty close to San Fran sour dough in flavor.
  14. gunslinger

    I have yet another question for you guys.

    Oak is very mild, not at all robust. Remember, most if not all charcoal is made from oak. Quickest way to tell what kind of tree you're dealing with; look at what is on the ground beneeth the tree. IF the tree is a nut producer, you'll guessed it..... nuts. Look for hickory nuts...
  15. gunslinger

    Sourdough Biscuits

    So how do you make the starter? Goat, you should smoke them biscuits and add some of Dutch's gravy.
  16. gunslinger

    Nice to see you Gunslinger

    The smoker was ready and towable about a week before last years gathering. I guess I could post some pics in my old thread. Maybe I'll take a few pics. I still need to get the sink, fridge, and stovetop mounted, but for now it is very functional and does a great job of smoking.
  17. gunslinger

    Nice to see you Gunslinger

    Thanks. I'm trying to keep kind of a low profile, only responding to posts that I actually know something about. I used to spend way to much time posting crap that I knew nothing about just to get my posting numbers up. A common problem here and on other forums. I think the rating systems on...
  18. gunslinger

    Smoking Carp ???

    Well my teeth ain't brown yet. I said I'd never eat gar either, but I did. It's fantastic. Don't know about smoked, but it sure is good hot and straight out of the oil.
  19. gunslinger

    Hello my smokin" friends!

    Thanks all. Where's Marvin Tim and Chad? Haven't seen them here the last few days.
  20. gunslinger

    What happened to cooking with wood?

    A cord is 4' high, 4' wide (3 rows) and 8' long, not 16' long. A face cord or "rick" is 4' high, 8' long and 16" wide or one row wide. A "rick" or face cord is 1/3 of a cord. Any wood chopper worth his weight will sell splits ONLY 16 inches long. A full size pickup holds 1/2 a cord. Those...