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  1. theshrimppimp

    Restocking the cheese supply

    Same here! Good Job...... Looks awesome! It's amazing how crazy people go over cheese. Especially if you, "smoked your own"!
  2. theshrimppimp

    which flavor of pellets...

    Depends on your taste and the type of cheese you're smoking. I use Pit-maters choice, Hickory and Alder. I actually used Pit-masters choice last night in my cardboard box smoker I took some up for a 45 person family thanksgiving dinner up in RI and everyone loved it.
  3. theshrimppimp

    Flying with cheese

    Hey guys... It all went off without a hitch! I took just over 7 pounds of cheese up there and various other crap..... I checked the bag and had no issues at all with Delta or the TSA. The cheese was a hit!  We had a huge party up in Narragansett with a table of 45 family. Pre dinner festivities...
  4. theshrimppimp

    Flying with cheese

    OK then.... I'm gonna filler'up with about 6 pounds then. We'll see what happens! Thanks for the input!
  5. theshrimppimp

    Flying with cheese

    Hmmmm... Not what I have heard. I was talking with a friend in the Tea shop today and she said that she had a small container of hummus and some chips with her in her "carry on bag" and TSA confiscated them both. This is only a few weeks ago. Once your inside the terminal and past TSA you can...
  6. theshrimppimp

    Flying with cheese

    We are flying up North for a week to see family over Thanksgiving. I want to take a bunch of the cheese I smoked and put it in my "Checked Baggage". All of it is vacuum sealed and labeled.  Does anyone have any experience traveling/flying with cheese? I also plan to take up some Tea and...
  7. theshrimppimp

    Cheese again

    Awesome! Cool looking rig! Great idea!
  8. theshrimppimp

    ABT Addiction w/Qview

    Little late, I know.... Looks good man! I did them with shrimp earlier in the year. I liked them better than the lil' smokies. Personally, I would never do lil' smokies again. I started using real sausage of different varieties and found them to be much better.... BUT, the shrimp!..... Man they...
  9. theshrimppimp

    Cheese again

    Been about 2 weeks now... Just dug into some Gouda and Jarlsberg! Man it is good!!
  10. theshrimppimp

    Smoked Beef Stroganoff w/ Pics

    That looks INCREDIBLE! My kind of food.... Thanks for posting! Awesome pics and instruction too. I want to give this a try!
  11. theshrimppimp

    cheese + smoke + wax questions

    Good choices there! I let it rest on the counter for at least 4 hours after the smoke. Then a day in the fridge uncovered. Before I vacuum seal it, I pull it out of the fridge and let it sit for about an hour, wipe off moisture (if any) and then vacuum seal it. Personally, I would not touch it...
  12. theshrimppimp

    A couple of first's

    Looks good!! Seems a waste though for so little? You are going to wish you did more!
  13. theshrimppimp

    Cheese again

    It really was not that much of a mess with the moisture. Luckily the foil "caught it all". It has been resting for several days. I finally got it all sealed up. I have 3 batches like the one mess on the counter. All of this stuff is for Holiday Gifts.... I'll keep a couple blocks for myself...
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  16. theshrimppimp

    Cheese again

    Well, one thing I learned is that you need to put some kind of drip tray to include lining the bottom of the box with foil. The condensation from the Mozzarella and the frozen water bottles creates a milky wet mess in the bottom of the box. Luckily I lined the bottom with foil for the first go...
  17. theshrimppimp

    Cheese again

    Thanks guys! It really does work amazingly well. I did a few racks with pellets the other night. Temps in there never got over about 72. Turned out good. It is resting and I plan to seal that batch up tomorrow. Tonight I am using Hickory Sawdust  and I actually have the AMNPS inside the big box...
  18. theshrimppimp

    Cheese again

    It has been almost a year since I did this last time. So, I figured I would give it another go with this contraption. We recently sold our house and we are out house shopping in a new area because of a work related move. So, all of our stuff is crammed in 2 huge storage units until we find a new...
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    cold smoker2.jpg

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