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  1. ak1

    Beef stew

    That looks delicious. I would definitely eat that.
  2. ak1

    Price for pork belly?

    This week my local store has it for CDN$2.79 per pound.
  3. ak1

    Whole pig rotisserie?

    Me and my friends do it on a spit all the time. Charcoal is the go to fuel. I've got a thread somewhere, I'll see if I can find it.
  4. ak1

    Checking in from Santa Maria ca

    Welcome aboard. Hope you have a great time here.
  5. ak1

    2016 OTBS Inductions-just in time for Summer!

    I'm honoured. Thank you very much. Although I'm not that thin.
  6. ak1

    A pig's (nose to) tale - lardo-like cured and smoked backfat

    Heck! I completely forgot about it. It's still in my cold cellar curing away.
  7. ak1

    Lid for UDS

    It might. Hard to say for sure as drums can be slightly different depending on the manufacturer.
  8. ak1

    suspicious e mail from SMF

    Worked for me as well.
  9. ak1

    Cleaning up your act - clean smoke is delicious smoke!

    Great job, and a great write up. Points!
  10. ak1

    Island Chicken

    Any leftovers you could ship my way? That looks great!
  11. ak1

    Airlingus air lines

    It's, AerLingus, and the bar would have been emptied, along with the food, and the flight would have had to stop in Reykyavik Iceland & Halifax to restock, because there is not a hope in hell they would have made it to Boston. You really need to learn how international flights work!
  12. ak1

    Kettle grill ash catcher mod

    Just order from Weber Canada (1 800 446 1071) or your local BBQ store if you have one. Be prepared to pay though. Parts can be expensive.
  13. ak1

    Mr. T's "Old-Timey Baked Beans"

    And they taste even better. This dish is completely different from canned beans. As I said before, here, the beans are the dominant flavour, with the pork, sugar, pepper.... playing a supporting role. Now, I'm not sure if this is because Great Northern beans were used. Would it be different if...
  14. ak1

    Reducing Recipes

    Not so simple. Problem is... what is the original recipe using?  Example... 1 tsp of salt. OK, what kind of salt? 1 tsp converted to weight could be anywhere from 5 grams to 10 or more depending on the salt used. Same with other seasonings.
  15. ak1

    Mr. T's "Old-Timey Baked Beans"

    Here they are, all done! They look a bit wet in the photo, but once on the plate, perfect... just enough "juice" around the beans.
  16. IMAG0394.jpg


  17. ak1

    Bacon 3-way with Cheese Watching

    That looks great! I agree, best title.
  18. ak1

    Mr. T's "Old-Timey Baked Beans"

    Holy Crap! My house smells amazing right now. I just tasted some of the sauce to make sure all is well. Jeezuss, this is great. Tastes like beans with just a hint of sweetness. I like canned beans, they taste good, but perhaps the sauce overpowers the beans, this tastes great. I can see making...
  19. ak1

    Mr. T's "Old-Timey Baked Beans"

    I just tasted them. Perfect with just a hint of sweetness.